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Cultural Tours

At The Coaching Institute we do things a little differently.

We’ve created a culture where INNOVATION SHINES and results are key.

Team members LEAD rather than manage and hierarchy does not exist. 

Right now we’re working with a number of companies to help them create an environment where their teams flourish. 

Do you want to create an extraordinary culture for your organisation or maintain and build on what you currently have?

Get up close and personal with our team here in Melbourne, to experience the TCI way for yourself.  Learn about our unique culture and see where all the WOW happens.

You’ll tour our entire organisation giving you the ultimate insight into TCI culture, learning what keeps us motivated, what makes working here fun and how this contributes to our outstanding results.

Meet every one from extraordinary (innovatively named) departments, such as The Dream Factory, Marvels, WOW Team, Ninjas, Midas and Mission Control/Fun Police.

Want to take your time on campus with us one step further?

Sign up for a “Time with Sharon” session to meet the creator and founder of The Coaching Institute, Sharon Pearson. Ask the questions you need, to learn how this extraordinary visionary created the culture and team you see today.

Tours with The Coaching Institute are a gift. We’re so happy to have a culture that other companies want to experience this with us.


Join us for The Coaching Institute Cultural Tour let us INSPIRE you to create and maintain an amazing for your team.

Remember a Great Culture = AMAZING RESULTS

Fill out the form below, and together we can explore exactly how a tailor made experience with The Coaching Institute can help your team TODAY

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