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Angelina Cirelli Salomone

Angelina Cirelli Salomone is an accredited professional coach, NLP and Time Line Therapy practitioner who holds a diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate IV in front line management & business with Australian Institute of Management and Career Coach certified with Work Life International. She has 15 years leadership experience in corporate and retail environments. Angelina is a Master mind graduate (Small Business Academy) with over 6 years experience as a corporate facilitator, 4 years as a professional coach and 2 years mentoring. These days she is a regular on the webinar schedule as runs and has been running our very own classes for almost 2 years! Angelina loves mentoring because she recalls the value and growth she achieved when being mentored during her own coach training. She is passionate about helping student coaches shine though supporting their clients, embracing the unknown and sharing amazing insights.



Rob Mason

Rob Mason is a certified Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Trainer of NLP. Rob specializes in tapping into people's unique essence preparing them to become their own personal leader and live a life of certainty, clarity and confidence. A passionate runner, he runs ultra-marathons and pushes the limits of what is possible and assists others to live their own lives at a higher standard. His contagious passion and enthusiasm for life allows people to experience a comfortable environment for transformation and a platform from which to grow and evolve.

Tania Lambert

Hi, my name is Tania Lambert and I am very blessed to be one of TCI’s Facilitators, which enables me to share my message about different aspects of coaching about which I am very passionate.

I am the founder of 3 Dimensional Success, I have a Certificate IV in Life and Business Coaching. I am an experienced Trainer in the corporate arena and hold a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

My mission is to inspire and lead my Clients to discover their authentic selves, to add purpose and meaning to their lives, so they can move forward and create a life of their choice filled with a sense of wellness and empowerment

Contact Tania on 0418 514 721 or email tl@3dimensionalsuccess.com.au

Peter Blasch

Peter Blasch is a specialist in Marketing, Management Coaching and Mentoring. He has run his own businesses for twenty years and worked for 15 years in the Not-For-profit Sector Training and Developing Leaders and implementing Training Programs. His strengths are the ability to train and coach people, inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals while they in-turn inspire and motivate others to do the same. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Time Line Practitioner, trained in DISC®. He is a Graduate from the School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne and an Alumnus with Arrow Leadership.

In addition to his Marketing skills he has continually expanded his education. He has studied Theology to Business and bits in-between. Study has been one of the keys to Peter’s success, if he ever needs to know something, he gets a new skill or acquires more knowledge; then he applies himself so others can benefit from his learning’s. He has studied Entrepreneurism at Swinburne University, Coach Mastery and Horticulture and what ever it takes to grow and develop. Currently Peter is completing a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in Management.

Enjoy the journey and explore new horizons.

Janet Leung

Janet Leung is a Facilitator, a Mentor AND a WOW! Team Member here at TCI. She is also a Professional Life, and Relationship Coach, NLP and Timeline Therapy Practitioner and Public Speaker, who is committed to assisting her clients to achieve their maximum potential in their personal lives.

She has a Bachelor degree majoring in Public Relations and Management.

Janet believes that life is truly what you make of it and applies this philosophy in her current life to experience joy, passion and fulfilment on a daily basis.

Janet is available on email wow@thecoachinginstitute.com.au

Katie Blewitt

Katie Blewitt is a Coach, a Facilitator, a Mentor, a Crew Leader and a WOW! Team Member! She’s pretty much everything!

Katie started with The Coaching Institute in October 2010 as a Diploma student and has spent many days WOW-ing the TCI community.

She has also started her own coaching and mentoring business.

Katie believes that change should be embraced as something wonderful and exciting, and it’s important to keep pushing the boundaries of your thinking and your world.

Katie is available on email mentor@thecoachinginstitute.com.au

Ilse Strauss

Ilse Strauss is a successful small business coach, focusing on small businesses in the Perth area.

She’s one of our successful Mastermind members who has applied what she learned through her Diploma and Mastermind studies to create several successful business – all while raising a young family!

Supermom is always keen to share insights and support new coaches and business owners to develop their skills and pay it forward.


Natasa Denman

Natasa Denman is a Diploma Graduate who has taken what she learned in her course and created many products and workshops.

She has a successful coaching business in assisting women to get the health and wellness they desire through workshops and one-on-one coaching. She runs her business from all over the world and loves to share her incredible knowledge and experience with her colleagues and the students at The Coaching Institute.

Parth Bommakanti

Parth Bommakanti’s passion is to support people and their passions, their goals, their aspirations, their dreams.  Nothing lights him up more than being part of someone’s  ‘Aha!’ moments, watching them shine as they see something new in themselves, in their business or their life.

Whether it is transformational coaching, executive and leadership coaching, executive mentoring, facilitating workshops, or business transformation, Parth’s here to help you make your world even more awesome!

Sherryn Bowers

Sherryn Bowers has worked in human resources management for a business/IT consultancy company in Europe and an international travel company in Indochina. She has volunteered in a variety of charities and supported people with disabilities and in prison.

She is a Diploma Graduate and has completed EDISC® with Joe, Mastermind with Sharon, and is a qualified NLP Trainer.

A self proclaimed education junkie; she credits this to her on-going success as a coach and trainer.

Kelly-Anne Cummings

Kelly-Anne Cummings is a successful Coach and NLP practitioner.

In 2009, she founded WorkLifeBalance, a home-based Coaching Practice, which assists and equips busy women to "Live Her Best Life" now. Kelly’s experience includes Finance, Human Resources, Training, Administration, Recruitment & Development, Personal Training, Pastoral Care,  Organisation and Hospitality.

Kelly has been investing in TCI Coaching students since 2010 and continue to serve the student body.

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