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Connie Diano

With a background in Accounting and Human Resource Management, Connie began her Career in Business Consulting and Coaching in the early ‘90s. In 2006 she established Beyond Your Now Pty Ltd providing Business and Life Coaching Services.
As a Qualified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Connie’s services range from Executive and Leadership Coaching, Personal Coaching, Mentoring, Training / Teaching, Workshop Facilitation, Public Speaking and Certification in the Harrison Assessments.
Connie has been a member of The International Coach Federation since 2006 where she served for three years as President for the South Australian Branch. Currently she sits on the Australasian Board as Director of Membership.

Connie Diano. With a background in Accounting and Human Resource Management, Connie began her Career in Business Consulting and Coaching in the early ‘90s. In 2006 she established Beyond Your Now Pty Ltd providing Business and Life Coaching Services.As a Qualified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner Connie’s services range from Executive and Leadership Coaching, Personal Coaching, Mentoring, Training / Teaching, Workshop Facilitation, Public Speaking and Certification in the Harrison Assessments.Connie has been a member of The International Coach Federation since 2006 where she served for three years as President for the South Australian Branch. Currently she sits on the Australasian Board as Director of Membership.

Sentha Govin-Vel

Sentha Govin-Vel is a Leadership and Behavioural Consultant/Mentor, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainers’ Trainer and an accredited EDISC Consultant. Sentha combined her varied knowledge and experience that includes Banking, University Student Administration, Business Development, Computing, Applied Science (Disability Studies) as well as Performing Arts where she is a trained Director, Choreographer, Actor and Dancer to current dynamic roles. She has conducted workshops, lecture demonstrations and training sessions in various countries and settings of Singapore, India, United States of America, Denmark, Korea and Australia.
She is a life-long learner and a TCI Masterminder who is passionate about providing value to her clients with her tailored-to-needs breakthrough to success, leadership, personal and professional development programs that empower her clients to LEARN, GROW and LEAD themselves and others!

Amanda Mallia

Amanda Mallia is a Relationship Strategist & Mentor. She is our Mentor of Mentors! Her goal is to be recognised as a leading specialist in the area of intimate relationships and personal transformation. She is passionate about assisting couples and individuals to create their ultimate relationship. As the founder and owner of Outstanding Relationships, she speaks and consults nationally; injecting passion into the lives of many. She is a certified 'Diploma Graduate' and 'Master NLP Practitioner' with hundreds of hours of coaching. Her next challenge is NLP Trainers Training in August, 2012! Amanda has studied and practiced coaching for the past 4 years, consistently investing in programs with The Coaching Institute, Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes to name a few. She loved being part of the amazing team at TCI over the past two years and facilitates our Practicum series in conjunction with Tania Lambert. She is soon to publish her first book titled "Her Deepest Desire" written for women (and their partners) who suppress their sexual desire and inhibit themselves in their own body. Amanda formerly ran a successful commercial building business with her husband of 14 years and together they turned their family business into a multi million-dollar success. These days they share a great friendship and the responsibility of raising their three children together. She is passionate about health and fitness and plans to return to the stage competing in Female Body Sculpting in the near future.

Peter Blasch

Peter Blasch is a specialist in Marketing, Management Coaching and Mentoring. He has run his own businesses for twenty years and worked for 15 years in the Not-For-profit Sector Training and Developing Leaders and implementing Training Programs. His strengths are the ability to train and coach people, inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals while they in-turn inspire and motivate others to do the same. He is a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Time Line Practitioner, trained in DISC®. He is a Graduate from the School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne and an Alumnus with Arrow Leadership.


Kelly Anne Cummings

Kelly Anne Cummings is a Success Coach and NLP Practitioner. In 2009 she founded WorkLifeBalance a home-based Coaching Practice. She assists and equips busy woman to "Live her Best Life" now. She's no stranger to the challenges of juggling family and business. With the birth of her 1st child and a desire to build her own business, she quickly discovered the obstacles faced in this exciting season. This led to the development of a 12 month Webinar Series "12 Steps to Living Your Best Life". Now with two small children, Kelly knows the confusion experienced when you aren't clear on what it is you want to do in life. The increasing demands of raising a family and investing in a marriage has it's challenging days, however, it can be managed. Her experience includes Finance, HR, Training, Recruitment & Development, Personal Training, Pastoral Care, Administration, Organisation and Hospitality. Her background has allowed her to become a specialist in her chosen field of interest - WorkLifeBalance. Kelly has been investing in TCI Coaching students since 2010, it will be her continued privilege to continue to serve the student body and play a significant part in their ongoing success.

Daniela Liedy-Kratz

Daniela Liedy-Kratz is a Diploma Graduate and Mentor at the Coaching Institute. She had worked for years as a 'problem solver' in customer feedback management for an International Airline. Her can do attitude, passion for personal development and CANI (Consistent and Never-ending Improvement) has qualified her as an NLP Master Practitioner, gained her numerous Diplomas in Life Coaching, Health Counselling & Business Frontline Management and Certificate's IV in Business, Small Business Management and Assessment & Workplace Training. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and her journey continues... Daniela is a born adventurer who has lived in Germany and New Zealand before settling in Australia. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. Daniela is a Life Transition Expert and owner of 'Life Balance Solutions' Stepping Stones to Seachange for mind, body and soul.

Angelina Cirelli Salomone

Angelina Cirelli Salomone is an accredited professional coach, NLP and Time Line Therapy practitioner who holds a diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate IV in front line management & business with Australian Institute of Management and Career Coach certified with Work Life International. She has 15 years leadership experience in corporate and retail environments. Angelina is a Master mind graduate (Small Business Academy) with over 6 years experience as a corporate facilitator, 4 years as a professional coach and 2 years mentoring. These days she is a regular on the webinar schedule as runs and has been running our very own classes for almost 2 years! Angelina loves mentoring because she recalls the value and growth she achieved when being mentored during her own coach training. She is passionate about helping student coaches shine though supporting their clients, embracing the unknown and sharing amazing insights.

Melissa Adeson

Melissa Adeson is our Diploma Mentor. She is a Life and Relationship coach, one of our Assessors, an NLP Practitioner and an Accredited Trainer. She has Diploma in Life Coaching, Cert IV Business and Cert IV Workplace Training. After her Feb 2007 intake she started her successful Coaching business, gaining her first paying client within two weeks. She has over 800 hours of coaching experience. Melissa’s first passion is family, her second passion is coaching, her niche is Relationships.

Melissa is available on (03) 9608 7910 (Fridays) or email

Adona El-Murr

Adona is a Leadership Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, accredited NLP Trainer & eDISC consultant. Because she loves assisting clients in leading up, down and across their lives, she is passionate about paying it forward to the TCI community crewing and mentoring. With a background in the humanitarian sector, Adona has consulted internationally in leadership development, executive coaching, change management and human resources. She is passionately committed to helping clients to unlock the key distinctions in their lives, teams, and businesses. She loves seeing the ripple effect of new coaches and clients ringing in your potential and touching those around you!

Georgina Turewicz

Georgina Turewicz is an accredited performance coach, NLP Master Practitioner and holds a Diploma of Life Coaching. She utilizes her coaching and leadership skills at a local primary & secondary school. She is very passionate about the working with children and teenagers and her mission is to inspire, guide and coach students to reach their full potential. The school has implemented "The Leader in Me" program designed by Stephen R Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People). In this program Georgina assists with the Leadership & Character development of the students. Georgina is also the lead coach at FMC Leadership Academy for Kids – a trailblazing program assisting kids to become what they are destined to be. Georgina is delighted and thrilled that she can use all her skills gained from TCI to enhance and make a difference to our future leaders.

John Sharkey

John Sharkey is a dynamic, down to earth individual who delights in supporting his clients to believe in themselves, change their thinking and make transformational life changes. He is a Certified Coach, NLP Practitioner, holds a Bachelors Degree of Applied Management, Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment. With two decades experience, he has an extensive background in hospitality both in Australia and overseas, including management and more recently in the education sector. John is fanatical about leadership in organizations and believes this to be the platform for its successes. “Your people are your most important asset, they are also your most expensive”. John has been motivating and authentically facilitating individuals and teams to move closer to their true potential for several years now. When he is not assisting clients you will find him in the kitchen, as a qualified chef he’s always on the look out for that new recipe to share with family and friends.

Kim Helman

Kim Helman is a Small Business Coach who has studied at the Coaching Institute for 3 years earning her a certificate as a Diploma Graduate, NLP Practitioner, a Deep State Re-patterning Practitioner and recently achieved one of her goals of becoming a Mentor.  Kim has run her own business with her husband for 13 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the transitioning from being employed to running your own business. Kim has worked in the corporate world for many years holding senior positions.  She is passionate about supporting the students as they embark on this amazing journey of life coaching. 

Mark Setch

Mark Setch is a Leadership Development Specialist, Life Coach, and NLP Practitioner.   He initially trained as an accountant, and after 20 years of leadership and leadership development in the not-for-profit sector, Mark founded Unleash the Leader, whose mission is to equip individuals, teams and organisations to unleash their full leadership potential.  Mark has a broad educational background, including a commerce degree, graduate and post-graduate studies in theology and ministry, a Cert IV in Training & Assessment, and a Diploma of Life Coaching from TCI.  Mark’s passion is firing when he is mentoring, coaching and training emerging leaders, and that includes TCI student coaches!  Having said this, his first love is his wife and two sons, and he loves hanging out with friends, especially if good coffee is on the agenda!

Jay Hendricks

Jay Hendricks, amongst other things, is a personal development strategist and NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a registered Health Practitioner and has 18 years experience with specialist expertise in; human behaviour, mental health, mental wellness, grief, trauma, self- leadership and emotional mastery. She has highly developed communication, leadership and management skills and is an experienced trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor.

Jay has held senior positions in clinical services, management roles in complex challenging and politically sensitive areas of corporate government, and taught in tertiary education settings. She has been around, experienced quite a few ‘things’, and is not easily phased. 

Jay is passionate about working with people to transform their personal and professional lives and loves the opportunity to pay it forward mentoring for TCI. 


Sherryn Bowers

Sherryn Bowers is a Mentor and a Facilitator with TCI.

She has worked in human resources management for a business/IT consultancy company in Europe and an international travel company in Indochina. She has volunteered in a variety of charities and supported people with disabilities and in prison.

She is a Diploma Graduate and has completed EDISC® with Joe, Mastermind with Sharon, and is a qualified NLP Trainer.

A self proclaimed education junkie; she credits this to her on-going success as a coach and trainer.

Karen Vega

Karen Vega is a Performance Coach, Trainer and Business Mentor. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner.

She has combined her background as an engineer and her experience in business with the power of NLP to help her clients reach the results they want in their life and business.

Karen is passionate about her mission of empowering people all over the world to live the life they want, providing them with the tools they need to create the lifestyle they dream of.

Carmel Murphy

Carmel Murphy is a Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator with over 20 years of experience.

She is also a Diploma Graduate and Mentor at The Coaching Institute with a Certificate IV in Business and Training and Assessment. She is an NLP Practitioner, an accredited EDISC Practitioner, and a Performance and Mindset Coach.  

She loves to share her knowledge and experience, and is passionate about helping student coaches to embrace uncertainty and become the best that they can be.

Anne Magnay

Anne Magnay is a Personal Development and Leadership coach who brings a wealth of life experience to her business.  

Anne holds a Diploma in Life Coaching,  a Diploma of Community Services (Christian Ministry) and has worked in Christian Missions for almost 30 years. Anne’s passion is equipping people to create change that can be multiplied into the lives of others.

As a TCI Mentor, “it is my desire to champion others to be the absolute best they can be because this is the way we change the world.”        

Tracey MacLean

Tracey MacLean is an Advanced Practitioner Graduate and Master NLP Practitioner.

She is a Professional Fitness Trainer and has a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management.

She was our TCI Mentor of the Year in 2009!

Her coaching and training experience spans over 17 years, working across both the corporate arena and private enterprise. Tracey is also the founder of Compass Coaching International, a personal development company providing coaching, mentoring and leadership programs.

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