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Here is your 11th Gift of Christmas! 11 Ways to Make Someone's Day That Little Bit Extraordinary.


Break it down: 'EXRA...ORDINARY'

Doing things and being extraordinary isn't all about grand gestures and massive success. 

 Sometimes, it's about the subtle things and taking it that one step further than 'Ordinary' people do... One step further to stand out in the crowd and deliver WOW. 

 One step further to be EXTRA ordinary. 

 Here's the video I spoke about in my email... It’s one of the ways we strive to inspire the extraordinary. (not a heading)

 Meet Jakub and Jukub the Bear! 


And here is your gift from me!

It's a list of ways you can make someone's day. None of them are big. None of them need money. They only need care and a little bit of your time.

 11 Ways to Make Someone’s Day Extra-Ordinary

1.   Give a compliment to someone you've never even spoken to before.

Mean it. Surprise them, delight them. Notice something new.

 2.   Make someone a coffee or tea, exactly the way they like it.

This one works best if you don't even have to ask how they like it.

Someone in our office has a two tea bag, milk no water, 3 sugars microwaved concoction - nothing is too difficult ;-)

 3.   Add some quirk to your emails. Slip quotes in from your favourite writers and thought leaders to add value. 

"The universe will fill your cup if you carry a big cup, a little cup or a thimble..." - Sonia Choquette

"Only we can decide what defeats us, what elevates us and what shapes us." - Me :-)

 4.   Ask someone to tell you something they have never told you before.

Be there for the answer, acknowledge what they've shared and how much you value it. 

 5.   Support People doing the right thing and setting an example on Social Media

We call this being the First Fast Follower. 

It's about rewarding those who give you value and share content that has impact and meaning. 

 6.   Send someone a handwritten note or card. 

No one send these any more. For 5 minutes of your time and the cost of a stamp you can deliver massive WOW.

We handwrite all our cards. Every day people share with my team how blown away they are by our little gifts.

 7.   Walk down the street making eye contact with people. Give them a smile and help them to smile back.

A smile can mean so much to people. It shows you care. It shows there is always something to be happy about

 8.   Write a list of everything you're thankful for. And share it with your closest friends.

 9.   Ask someone for a recommendation. Can you help me choose a recipe or restaurant?

This shows you value their opinion. It's also an awesome conversation starter. 

 10.      Invite someone different to have lunch with you.

Take the time to get to know them.

Show that you have time for them...

 11.      Say Thank You as often as you can.

This is about more than being polite. Forget social norms and mean what you say.


 Do just a few things on this list and watch as your day to day become that little Extra-Ordinary!



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