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DISC - What's your Story

By Felicity Nuttall

People's behaviours tell us their story. If we watch and listen carefully we can learn to 'read' the story as it is being told. This skill allows us to see and know the intricate detail that individually defines each person. It's through discovery of another's story and listening to why, what and how they see their world that we begin to develop a true understanding of who they are and why they behave the way they do. It also conveys how they want us to interact with them.

Same species, different behaviour

As you think about your work colleagues, family or friends you may begin to notice that some are more comfortable dealing with facts and others are more influenced by feelings. Some are assertive and direct, while others tend to be more indirect and reserved, more active or passive, more extroverted or introverted.

On another level, people make decisions at a difference pace. For some, decisions are made in a split second while others prefer to work and make decisions more slowly. Some prefer to talk, others to listen.

Such telltale behaviours can be clearly identified and are readily observable. It means if we watch and listen we can better understand others and easily work out how to communicate in a way that our story or message will be heard, interpreted and understood. The secret ... use the same behavioural and communications preferences as those we are interacting with.

DISC - discovering behavioural types

A simple and effective way to choose the right behaviour is by using the DISC profile tool.

This behavioural analysis system was designed by psychologist Dr William Marden in the 1920s, and today is used by leading companies and businesses throughout the world. It has a proven track-record for delivering immediate results, especially in business and work environments where people join together to achieve a common goal.

The power of DISC is in its simplicity to use and understand. It is effective because it creates a platform for shared understanding of the four distinct behavioural styles shared by everyone.

DISC enables us to quickly assess and identify the common traits associated with each type and to more accurately know and predict how people behave. This understanding means everyone can quickly identify a behavioural type and communicate in a way that ensures they are clearly understood. Clear communication to create shared understanding is the key to great relationships and consistently achieving your goals.

For more information on DISC and how it can assist you or your business, contact Felicity Nuttall on 0430 184 599 or click to email.

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