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The Effect of Cause

By Simon Hurley (student) - Facing Future

The greatest discovery is that the human being can alter their life by altering their attitude.

I sit here pen in hand watching two football teams in a titanic struggle with 18 minutes left in the second half, 6 points between each other and a penalty count 6 - 1. The trailing team is pointing & complaining about the injustice of the penalty count as if that is the reason they are behind. I mean its obvious isn't it. The referee has found six times, that the losing team has infringed, and penalized them, giving the other team the advantage.

Just as obvious as it is that some people get the advantage because of their upbringing or their financial standing or education or parents or job or just plain luck.
Also as obvious as it is that some people continuously get penalized by their upbringing or their financial standing or education or parents or job or boss or bank account or just because everything happens to them.

These people spend their whole life reacting to what happens to them. Blaming their life's woes on others. These people are at the effect of everything around them. This means they have no control, or think they have no control.

I'm wondering, if they took control of their life, what would happen?

What these people don't realize is that the lucky ones are better off because they studied harder at school and then went looking for extra work and studied at night to get more qualifications. They got the promotion because they started earlier in the morning and finished later at night; they can pay their bills on time because they read books on budgeting, saving & went to investment seminars.

So what could you do to be like the lucky ones? Or are they lucky?

The future depends on what you do in the present.

By changing how you look at situations and decisions is the easiest way to change you future. Becoming responsible for your actions and being at cause of your life.

This means that if you are unsure about something important to you, you would go out and learn how to deal with it, THEN putting this new knowledge into action.

The next decision you need to make. Rather than going with the flow and hopping for the best. You would consider you position and then ACT on this decision with passion and drive.

An opportunity comes your way and rather than thinking that others are worth it you would take this opportunity and run. After all you caused this opportunity to appear in front of you.

You would automatically keep your eyes open for even more opportunities.
If someone asks you for your opinion, you would answer them with confidence and power, instead of saying "What do you think?"

By being at cause of your life opens you to so many more chances of growing and expanding your horizon. More people will notice you for the confident, fantastic person you are. People will offer you more opportunities and even ask you for advice on an issue they are dealing with.

Now I would like to clarify something. This is not just a quick fix. You must BE at cause for every moment from now on. Things are going to happen that you least expect and may seem insurmountable. These moments are the times you need to BE at cause the most.

So the losing team needs to acknowledge they have made some mistakes in the game of life so far and now find themselves 6 points behind. They need to make the decision to get the ball, put pressure on the other team, carry the ball forward and make the next 18 minutes their own......... take charge of the game of your life and score the winning points.

The most powerful thing at your disposal is your power to choose.

From now on are you going to be at effect or AT CAUSE?

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