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How to Build a Winning Team

By Sharon Pearson, CEO The Coaching Institute

A winning team is not just in the hiring – it’s in the willingness to always be fighting the gravitational pull of negativity – as a leader, or a team of leaders, your focus must constantly be on where you’re going, not on what could go wrong.

Everything from your interview and induction process through to on the job training needs to consistently say the same message – we stand for excellence, determination, persistence, resilience and results.

Your corporate statements, vision statement, points of culture – everything – must point the same direction. We stand for getting the best results we can and “good enough” is not good enough.

As the leader, you must, constantly and consistently, talk about excellence and your vision. There is no point having all the vision statements out there if you talk about average, or ordinary or “good enough”. Be a walking and talking demonstration of what you believe your business stands for.

Raise your standards. It’s a rare business that has standards high enough to pull them away from the pack – and being in the pack is business death. You must stand out from what everyone else is doing in every way that is important to your clients. Don’t ever settle for what someone else is doing – find a way to do it differently and better.

Be proud of and champion your team. Your people come first, and because they are valued, they will do what needs to be done to fulfil the business vision. Don’t only talk about sales and results, talk about who they need to be to be their best. Remember, everyone wants to succeed.

Don’t except excuses. Sometimes the pathway to excellence is tough going. It takes more effort, thought and time. That doesn’t mean you give up on it. If someone pushes back because they haven’t got time, don’t except it – everyone has time for excellence, because that’s a requirement of the job.

Deal with setbacks for what they are – temporary opportunities to improve. Everything that challenges you will improve your business if you want it to. Even a complaint is an opportunity to do things better. Take all challenges as feedback for how to do things better – not later, but right now.

Run regular meetings informing everyone of how the team is going with monthly and weekly goals. Coach the team leaders each week on how they’re going, where they’re going and how they can improve.

Delegate, don’t abdicate. It’s your business – unless you understand it, you can’t manage it.

Be committed to constant and never-ending improvement! Never settle for hearing the words “That’s how we’ve always done it.” Aahhhhhh. If there’s better way to do it, find it and act on it.

I think that’s everything The Coaching Institute includes in its cultural standards – we’re always improving it! Trust you enjoyed my thoughts on this – look forward to assisting you all in your amazing journeys!

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