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Ten Tips for Using the Law of Attraction

By Sharon Pearson, CEO, The Coaching Institute

  1. Your thoughts create your reality. If you think thoughts of lack, self-doubt, poverty, ill-health etc then this is what you will experience in your life.
  2. If you are not sure what your thoughts are, then simply ask yourself 'How do I feel?- If you feel yukky, this is your indicator that your thoughts are not aligned with creating an extraordinary life.
  3. If you notice too many negative thoughts, and don't know how to change them, to get you started write down as many things that you are grateful for as possible. Each day reflect on this list with genuine gratitude.
  4. Appreciation is the antidote of fear. Appreciate each and every day, and everyone that is in it.
  5. Take responsibility for changing your thoughts. I found this very difficult in the beginning, because I was so used to the negative thoughts. i was kinda hooked on them, because I layed the victim! When I chose to take responsibility for them, no exceptions, my thoughts started to change.
  6. Write down your goals very clearly. Use the SMART model if it helps.
    a. S - Simple, specific
    b. M - Measurable
    c. A - Attractive, stated 'as if' you already have it
    d. R - Realistic
    e. T - Timed - when will it be in your life?
    For example, "It is Christmas 2007 and I am standing on the balcony of my beach house with my family, having enjoyed an exciting, fun and rewarding year. I have banked $__________, invested $__________, and feel wonderful."
  7. Think about your goals daily, and with feelings of appreciation for them being in your life - your mind does not know the difference between the reality outside of you and the reality in your mind.
  8. Never, ever, ever give up on the dream. Get more determined, every day, to experience your goals in your life.
  9. Read everything you can on how others have achieved their goals, and if it suits you, do what they did.
  10. Act. Nothing can replace action. One step, each day, towards the achievement of your goals will bring them into your life. Don't have 'spurts' of action then nothing for days or weeks. Do something, every day, no exceptions, even if it's just to think about how good you feel having this goal in your life.

How to Coach a Client on the Law of Attraction

As a coach you must firstly apply this law in your own life and business. Be dedicated each day about what you are wanting to attract. This disciplined approach will do more to create abundance than anything else.

The coaches who live these principles all day, and not just when they remember, experience success much faster. Be diligent about your focus, even when the going seems to be tough.

When you coach a client, first introduce them to the idea that 'what they focus on is what they get, to the exclusion of everything else.' This means, if they focus on a problem, they will get more problem. Most people spend ninety percent of their time focusing on what is wrong. This is the exact reverse of what they need to do. Your coaching should be ten percent on getting clear on the problem - a problem well stated is a problem half solved - and ninety percent on how to turn it around.

Focus on your clients strengths. The more time they have spend focusing on the problem, the lower their self-worth will be. They will have forgotten how to feel good about themselves.

Remind them, through conversation, of their strength, kindness, courage, compassion, patience - whatever you see in them that can assist them to feel better about who they are.

Have them set goals between this session and the next that will get them moving on turning the situation around. If they are lacking courage or confidence, make the first few steps small, so their confidence can build.

Explain that to take a journey, you don't need to be able to see the destination ahead of you. At first all you might see is the next two hundred metres. You need to move along the path towards your goals to see the two hundred metres after that, and so on.

Encourage them to laugh. Goals taken seriously, with frowns and an attitude of 'we're going into battle' are less enjoyable then goals that are approached with an attitude of 'I wonder how this will go... - and 'I'm curious to see where this road leads...' and 'I love my willingness to play with this new direction...'

If your client stumbles, remind them that anything worth pursuing will have road bumps along the way. Life comes with the problems built into it, and it's not about getting rid of problems, but about becoming who you need to be to handle them.

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