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What Is Coaching?

By Phil Richards, Life Zone Coaching

A common question for those interested in getting some assistance to "move ahead" in life. I'll answer it from my perspective - "the process of uncovering what we already have but don't realise". Consider the following statement -

"The world is an abundance of opportunity. Our own potential is unlimited. Most waste their time doing things that don't really matter to them as people. All problems come from dependencies & the need to conform to societies beliefs & values".

Hmmm. Just how much of this is true ? The answer is "all that you choose to believe is true". The really tricky bit in life is realising that everything is our choice & freedom is a birth right.

A lot of clients come to a coach not really knowing what it is they really want. The initial superficial answers generally revolve around things & words representing concepts. Coaching is about neither - it is about people. Develop the people & through their development they will naturally claim their freedom to choose & see the world in a far simpler light. Much of what confuses us & blocks us from moving ahead is created - literally.

Be smart - create what you want rather than accept what others say you need

Personally it is saddening to watch people dig themselves into huge holes over ego based issues or the need to conform. Think about it - if we were all to conform would we evolve as a race ? The answer is clearly "No".

The question then comes down to evolution - how can a coach help you to evolve ? The answer comes back to focussing clearly on the individual. There are four clear steps -

  • Know yourself
  • Be Yourself
  • Step Up
  • Live Life

You face the person in control of your life every time you look in the mirror. Are you happy with what you see in the mirror ? For those of you that felt a little twinge around the solar plexus area, the answer is probably "No". Furthermore you also know what needs to change - the thought or feeling comes from the same area.

Start working on those things NOW

The second & third steps can be a challenge. Without them though you will not achieve your potential. These two could be compared to your first skydive - sitting on the edge of the aircraft door at 12000ft - looking at the incredibly "fluffy" clouds below, the wind buffeting your face, your heart pumping - then you jump!!! You reach maybe 180km in the first 5000ft, then the chute opens & you gently waft to the ground. All of a sudden it all seemed so easy & you did something you thought you couldn't. Those brave enough to "jump" here will gain the rewards. Ironically the very people "holding" you back by their opinions really desire the freedom you choose to display.

Step four is the reward for being brave enough to explore the first three steps.

Step four will not happen without steps 1,2 & 3 first

The result of the fourth step is why we are here. It comes back to you being responsible for your own life & quality of the same. Choose your coach wisely - ideally find one that "walks their talk". Rejoice in the fruits of your combined endeavour.

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