Your Eighth Gifts of Christmas | The Coaching Institute

Here is your 8th Gift of Christmas!

This is one of my Favourite tools. And I want you to have it.
This is the video that I would recommend anyone thinking about coaching needs to see
I recorded it with my good friend and Master Coach Matt Lavars.
It's a really nice window into how I started my journey. I did this like everyone else. This is my story.
I've been working now as a coach for 11 years and in that time I've seen a lot of people succeed and a lot of people fail. I want you to succeed like I did. If your interested in going further just give us a call and ask to speak with Fiona. She's been through this before. Here's her number: 1800 094 927.
Merry Christmas, 4 more gifts coming your way...

Remember this is the 8 simple questions from MY humble beginnings



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