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Meta Dynamics™ vs NLP

Meta Dynamics™ And NLP—What is The Difference?

We receive a lot of great questions from our students and one that comes up often is, “what is the difference between Meta Dynamics™ and NLP?” and it’s a great question…

The simple answer is that both modern NLP and Meta Dynamics™ are based on the works of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, however, the similarities end there.

Meta Dynamics™ takes one giant leap further by focusing on the E.S.I.P model of personal transformation, which is a deeply holistic, engaging, and multi-dimensional system that takes into account the entire ecosystem of your experience—environment, structure, implementation, and people.

There are a few other significant differences to between NLP and Meta Dynamics™:

  • Many NLP courses are unregulated, and can often be completed in as little as a day. On the other hand Meta Dynamics™, like our other highly acclaimed courses, is regulated, certified, and taught by leaders in the field of personal development.

    It’s easy to see why people choose us for their coach training…

  • Meta Dynamics™ is exclusive to The Coaching Institute, and can only be studied at our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, as well as through our training website, which means that you will ALWAYS receive the highest standards available.

    And you’ll be part of a global movement of Meta Dynamics™ practitioners that will support you along the way…

    Have a peek here and find out about the different Meta Dynamics™ programs available to you.

  • Our instructors are highly trained in all levels of Meta Dynamics™ I, II, and III and are practitioners themselves, so you have peace of mind know that you are being taught by leaders in the field.

    Go to the source, and learn from the best…


Rick Stephenson

Meta Dynamics Level II 7th - 11th of April 2014

“I love that Sharon continues to disrupt my map, & realise that the more I learn the less I know, & that allows me to grow so much more.”

Our success is your success, and our passion is your passion, which is why we spend so much time holding your hand every step of the way— and supporting you on your journey—so you can make a difference quicker…

You’ll learn techniques crucial to your success that 90% other courses leave out, and as part of your Meta Dynamics™ program you’ll have access to tools and quick-impact blueprints to help you:

  • Build a business with heart, so you can live life on your terms.
  • Establish ‘authentic’ credibility with your clients—and potential clients.
  • Allow you to work with and ‘develop’ your ideal clients.
  • Get monthly support to fill in any gaps and be part of the Meta Dynamics™ tribe
  • Build ‘desire’ for your services—without having to ‘sell’ yourself.
  • Position yourself as an 'extremely valuable’ WOW coach because you’re genuinely caring for your clients in a way that most competitors wont.
  • Receive Sharon’s 10 year learning curve to turn your passion into profit

Imagine waking up and being able to choose exactly who you spend your time working with…

Meta Dynamics™ will transform the way YOU, and your clients, think and perceive the world, so you can create a truly empowered life of your choosing, and discover your deepest purpose and passion.

By being part of the Meta Dynamics™ evolution, you will receive the owner’s manual for your brain, and feel inspired, energized, and clear about your goals today, tomorrow, and every day.

To find out about how to become a Meta Dynamics™ practitioner, take a look at the different programs we currently have on offer right here.

Remember: If you don’t build your dream, somebody else will hire you to build theirs…

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