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Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC)


Experience the Ultimate in Training and Facilitation Skills

Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC) is an ‘Application Only’ program designed for: experienced Managers, Leaders and Professionals who want the best of business and leadership coaching training.

It is The Coaching Institutes most ADVANCED PROGRAM available and is designed for the person who wants to reach the pinnacle of coaching.

It’s perfect for the person who is already in the service industry and knows this is the career for them, won’t settle for second best, and is able to commit approximately 10 hours per week to their training.

You will also receive Meta Dynamics Level III training where you will learn advanced coaching technology to help you unleash your full potential, live an extraordinary life, and truly make a difference in the lives of those around you... 

In fact as a qualified Meta Dynamics™ consultant, you will have the ability to provide tremendous value to your clients using advanced Meta Dynamics™ skills and the Profiling Tool.

AND… being fully immersed at this level of leadership training will provide you with an extraordinary level of knowledge to help your clients. At this level, you are also shown how to create, grow and earn an income from a product you can sell online or through your seminars.

This is a highly interactive training experience, with a mix of self-paced study, face-to-face training and online classes, with access to an EXTENSIVE online members’ area.


Who is the Course for?

The Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC) is considered a high-level program that takes you to the summit of your game, and will help you make a HUGE difference in the world, as a MASTER practitioner.

It is an ‘Application Only Program’ designed for experienced managers, leaders and professionals who want the best of business and leadership coaching training.

At the end of the program you’ll not only learn to establish a thriving coaching practice, but also unleash your ability to effectively conduct Group Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation, and Workshop Presentations—as if you’ve been doing them all your life.

AND… you’ll have the ability to harness the power of the Meta Dynamics profiling tool to get even bigger results for your clients

Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC) is the elite-level program for people who:

  1. Are already coaches—or part of the industry—and want to make a difference
  2. Want a personality profiling tool to assess client thinking
  3. Want the business skills and tools to attract clients (see our 90 day challenge)
  4. Value international recognition
  5. Want the most advanced coach training on the planet
  6. Imagine effortlessly delivering their message to groups, speaker events & workshops
  7. Have the ability to integrate their studies into their lifestyle

This program runs concurrently with all previous levels (yes, you can start at this level) over 36 months. Its focus is on The Business, Marketing, Sales and Leadership Coaching skills utilised by top-level coaches, mentors and facilitators


Where Can My Training Take Me?

Mastering Others Inspires Them. Mastering Yourself Is Evolutionary…

The Coaching Institute is much more than a place to train; it’s also the best place to learn about yourself and those around you. The ultimate level of coaching training, the Professional Master Practitioner of Coaching is an ‘Application Only’ program, designed for experienced managers, leaders and professionals who want the best of business and leadership coaching training. It includes ‘ALL’ training and content from the three levels below it. In this Master program we will take you on the leader’s journey and provide you with extraordinary tools to model and reproduce excellence.

You'll learn about:


  • Gain the skills to join this multi-million dollar niche
  • Help create the leaders and projects of tomorrow
  • Discover how to grow your potential to flourish
  • Develop teams to help you succeed and deliver incredible results
  • Improve your ability to understand and build performance cultures


  • Learn proven strategies to create a global income
  • Attract more clients by making seminars work for you
  • Expand yourself by learning to speak about what you love and building a sustainable and replicable income
  • Connect and reach potential clients anywhere in the world


  • Increase your market advantage by using this industry-leading Meta Dynamics Profiling Tool
  • Understand how to utilise and apply the Meta Dynamics  framework to overcome challenges for your clients
  • Achieve results faster and create change that lasts
  • Have the opportunity to become a Meta Dynamics Profiler


  • Discover why you are your brand, AND your most valuable marketing resource
  • Understand buyer strategies and how to build meaningful relationships with clients
  • Know what to give people so they feel supported
  • Form lasting bonds and nurture clients for life


  • Easily place your message in front of hundreds of people at a time
  • Change more lives and make a difference in less time than ever
  • Expand your audience: work with schools, groups, large organisations and teams


  • Receive TCI insights from years of successful marketing that delivers value
  • Create a brand and business that stands out from the crowd
  • Automate lead generation, follow-up and sales
  • Easily develop a compelling and cohesive product package


Your Study Pathway

Go beyond one-on-one coaching—become a leader in your field, work with groups, and develop coaching products…

Every aspect of your Professional Master Practitioner of Coachingpathway is crafted to help you create a business that you love and make a difference in the world—after all that is why you are here…

The Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC)is an impressively vigorous program, loaded with online resources, regular online classes, face-to-face training and highly advanced content unavailable anywhere else on the planet.

You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to take you down the best pathway that suits your direction and comfort level, and build not only a rewarding business, but a successful one. 

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What Support Can I Count On?

Being part of The Coaching Institute is not just training; it is an experience. As soon as you join us (and even before) you become part of The Coaching Institute family, AND will be provided with all the support you’ll need to be a success. You can be confident that you’re getting everything you need to be the best version of yourself… 

And because your success is ours, whatever program you decide on we will hold you accountable to your success along the way, provide you with proven success systems, and share our latest and greatest coaching ideas with you. 

You’ll gain access to the follow AND more:


Coaching for the first time can be daunting. Together with novice coaches we’ll support you so you can hone the techniques, and build the skills to become a world-class coach—in a safe environment. Your coaching sessions will provide you with the mentoring and confidence it takes to be an outstanding coach.


From the very start of your coaching journey you’ll have all the mentoring and support you could ever need to succeed. Our goal is for you to be successful—whatever that means for you. Our team of mentors alongside your student support network and online community are here for you every step of the way.


Your online classes provide a wonderful opportunity to ask great questions, get outstanding answer,  and be part of GROUND-BREAKING discussions. Every class at TCI is an interactive experience… You’ll have access to outstanding mentors and facilitators, each a successful coach hand-picked by the school to support you on your coaching journey.


We have now made it possible for you to attend your live training wherever you are… You’ll have access to live streams of high quality video, audios, AND a question panel, so you can interact with your trainer—LIVE. Whether you want to train in-person, or prefer the convenience and flexibility of live streaming, we’ll make sure your needs are taken care of.


Every manual at TCI has been meticulously written and specifically designed to set you up for success as a coach and address every aspect of building a successful coaching practice. You’ll also have access to a large selection of templates and checklists, giving you the perfect framework to turn you into a ‘masterful’ coach, as well as provide your clients with outstanding resources to help them on their journey.


The Coaching Institute’s exclusive members only area is packed to the brim with useful training content including: videos, live training recordings, audios, mentoring sessions and coaching demonstrations.


Is This the Right Course for You?

We believe, and the feedback we receive from our members, is that having choice in our life coaching training pathway is important. We provide three main pathways for training with us.

When choosing your program, you can select it based on:

  1. The numbers of hours of life coach training and online classes you want to attend
  2. Your lifestyle and family commitments
  3. Whether you want a more introductory program or a more advanced life coaching program
  4. Whether you're training for your own personal development or to develop your professional skills for your career
  5. Your desire to transition into your own coaching practice
  6. The level of accreditation you want to achieve


Choosing the Right Level of Qualification for You

You’ve decided to master your life, connect deeply to your passions, and create your dream future as a Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC)… Now it’s time to think BIG, live life on your own terms, and put your training into practice... You’re ready to use everything you’ve learned to help others lead an extraordinary life and make a significant contribution to the world—it’s your time…

You want everyone to know that you are at the top of your field as a Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC). After all when you put your mind, body and heart into learning the art of creating lasting change and transformation for yourself—and your clients—you deserve to have recognised credentials to match your effort.

You want to know—and so will your clients—that your studies are recognised not just in Australia, but across the globe…
With your Accredited Professional Coach (ICG0204AC) training, we have you covered with a clear ‘master’ accreditation path—depending on where you are on your coaching journey…

The Coaching Institute has one of the highest standards of accreditation available in Australia—and internationally—so you can feel confident that you’ll be recognised for your Master Practitioner achievement; no matter where in the world you decide to practice.



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