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Accredited Trainer and Consultant of Extended DISC

90% Of all success comes from your ability to read and understand people. As a business, life, executive, leadership or sales coach, you will have helped many people with their processes and systems on how to better run their commercial and private lives….. Well imagine having a model, a system, a process of helping people with the most crucial of all skills – ability to accurately, efficiently and quickly read and understand people.

 The DISC model first made an appearance in 1951 utilizing the teachings of Carl Jung. In 1994 Extended DISC was born enabling us to go even more deeply into the unconscious mind meaning that we can create change at a faster rate and at the same time teach people the power of ‘mind reading’ their employee, colleague or client.

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The training will help you use one of the most accurate, fastest and most efficient behavioural profiling tools on the planet- one that goes deep into the unconscious mind.

Seven reasons why you would become a Trainer and Consultant of Extended DISC:

  1. Your client will only take 8-10 minutes to complete DISC online and you'll have a full 40 page PDF report in your inbox within 15 minutes with ZERO admin!
  2. You'll be able to read someone's personality within 1 minute of meeting them.
  3. Understand 6 needs of their ego and how to fullfill them.
  4. Many organisations ask which model do you use? Now you have one that is highly regarded, accurate and internationally accredited.
  5. Master what NEVER to say to a client when unpacking their profile.
  6. Learn 5 thinking patterns that will be accurate EVERY TIME
  7. Have instance access to Team Analysis and Work Pair Analysis

Training Time:

 2 training days



What You Get:

  • Your free personal analysis report
  • Technical support
  • Access to online Extended DISC VIP pages
  • An extensive library PowerPoint presentations, and promotional materials
  • Full set of Extended DISC User and Tools Manual
  • Multiple training presentations and resources
  • Marketing brochures
  • Ongoing monthly webinars
  • Regular online updates of latest case studies and developments
  • Ongoing support directly with Joe Pane


 Accredited Trainer and Consultant of Extended DISC

Book in for your live Training today.Join Joe Pane and Begin your extended Disc Journey now.
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