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People who train with us to become a life coach tend to want to do a mixture of self-paced learning with some face-to-face training. They like the interaction and enjoy learning through practicing and doing the skill, rather than just reading about it. Our students also prefer to have interaction throughout the time of their study with us, in the form of classes, Question and Answer sessions, mentoring sessions and study groups.

With ten years of experience training coaches, we also appreciate that our students value accreditation, both nationally and internationally.

If you’re just starting your research on life coaching, you may want to check out this page on what life coaching is, and how it works.

Foundations of Coaching success

Foundations Of Coaching Success Training, Sept '13

Life Coaching Courses

Choosing the Right Life Coaching Course for You

The Coaching Institute offers four different courses in life coaching, which are the entry-level Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching, the mid-level Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching, the master-level Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching, and the elite application-only level Credentialed Master Coach.

While the Accredited Professional Coach is the premium choice for students, it is important to choose the right course to meet your needs as a future coach.

We recommend that you talk to your course consultant to discuss which course is right for you.

When choosing your program, you can select it based on:

  1. The numbers of hours of life coach training and online classes you want to attend
  2. Your lifestyle and family commitments
  3. Whether you want a more introductory program or a more advanced life coaching program
  4. Whether you're training for your own personal development or to develop your professional skills for your career
  5. Your desire to transition into your own coaching practice
  6. The level of accreditation you want to achieve

What the Courses Include

Our life coaching courses are all a mixture of:

  1. Online classes with trained and experienced coaches and facilitators
  2. Individual mentoring
  3. Group mentoring
  4. Face-to-face life coaching training
  5. Manuals
  6. Online Membership Area access
  7. Study Groups and Practice Groups


Choosing the Right Level of Qualification for You

At The Coaching Institute, we offer our students the option to become either internationally recognised with the International Coach Guild or nationally accredited. While most of our students prefer to become internationally recognised, everyone is different and it is important to choose the right qualification to meet your needs as a future coach. We recommend that you talk to your course consultant to discuss which level of qualification is right for you.

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You can discover if life coaching is for you by taking this simple 'Is Life Coaching For Me?' Quiz

Meta Dynamics

Meta Dynamics™ was developed by Sharon Pearson utilising over a decade of industry experience as a highly successful and influential coach, leader, trainer, mentor, and business owner. The methodology revolutionises the next level of NLP, based on the original work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP has been providing solutions for a happier and more fulfilling life for millions of people for over forty years.

Meta Dynamics™ will enable you to master every area of your life, from conquering fears, phobias and bad habits to being happy and successful at work and in relationships. It will teach you to:

  1. Be more effective, efficient and successful
  2. Improve the quality of your life
  3. Get the owner’s manual for your brain
  4. Learn the success secrets of top achievers and get the life you want
  5. Eliminate fears, phobias, anxieties and low self-esteem
  6. Become an effective communicator at work and in personal relationships
  7. Wake up every day even more excited and into life than you were the day before
  8. Take control of your emotions and discover how to be even more confident
  9. Become more optimistic, motivated and driven to go after the things that you want in life
  10. Take on a deep, unshakeable sense of your own self-worth
  11. Utilise the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool to assess a client’s behaviour, identify gaps in thinking, and enable them to achieve greater results
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Thought Dynamics

Thought Dynamics is the ultimate coaching methodology for sustainable change and is proudly brought to you by Sharon Pearson and The Coaching Institute.

Every day, we make decisions, react to, respond to, worry about, think about, and focus on events that are happening and are going to happen. Thought Dynamics is the study of how we make those decisions, so we can create the results we want.

Members of our Thought Dynamics Certification Program become certified and licensed to coach, mentor, speak and facilitate to any individual, to any organisation, anywhere in the world, utilising the Thought Dynamics curriculum, products and materials, as outlined in the program. This includes the use of the Thought Dynamics branding, your own website template, sample and template contracts, representation on the Thought Dynamics website for lead generation, sales training and marketing training.

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Extended DISC

90% of all success comes from your ability to read and understand people. As a business, life, executive, leadership or sales coach, you will have helped many people with their processes and systems on how to better run their commercial and private lives….. Well imagine having a model, a system, a process of helping people with the most crucial of all skills – ability to accurately, efficiently and quickly read and understand people.

The DISC model first made an appearance in 1951 utilizing the teachings of Carl Jung. In 1994 Extended DISC was born enabling us to go even more deeply into the unconscious mind meaning that we can create change at a faster rate and at the same time teach people the power of ‘mind reading’ their employee, colleague or client.

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