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Thought Dynamics Methodology

Thought Dynamics is not just a methodology. It is a complete Coaching System done for you and delivered as monthly modules over a 12 month period.

Thought Dynamics is the ideal vehicle for any coach or consultant who wants access to a recognised, promoted and powerful brand, including a web site, logos, and marketing systems.

It brings with it a dedicated team able to support you in your coaching practice; a team that would take years to put together for any individual, ready to provide tech support, branding advice and marketing support.

Thought Dynamics Consultants access a complete methodology for assessing, coaching and training clients, including proposal templates, assessment and profiling tools, coaching session templates, coaching journal and training templates for four workshops.

The Thought Dynamics Consulting team is a dynamic group of people dedicated to coaching excellence who all contribute to the development and success of the Thought Dynamics brand. When one Thought Dynamics Consultant meets someone, they represent all of us.

Every day, we make decisions, react to, respond to, worry about, think about, and focus on events that are happening and going to happen. Thought Dynamics is the study of how we make those decisions, so we can create the results we want.

Its focus is on four levels of thinking


The outcome we want to achieve; the purpose of the outcome; the thinking; the mindset; the standards and the attitude we need to bring to achieve the outcome


What we need to achieve the outcome in terms of systems, repetitive behaviours; categories of focus; and what the benchmark of what success would be


The actions we need to take to achieve the outcome; how this compares to the ideal benchmark we have established, so we can constantly track, check and adjust our trajectory


Who needs to be involved; how they need to be involved; how they are developing themselves with their coach to achieve the desired outcome

This methodology’s success lies in its holistic and multi-dimensional approach to the coaching. Whilst traditional coaching models focus on the actions the client can take, this model puts emphasis on establishing and maintaining the mindset necessary for success.

This is how traditional coaching sees our experiences:

It fails to take into account our own perceptions of our world, which play a much larger part in our experience of the world than our simple observation of the event. Taking our perceptions into account, the model of experience would look more like this…

Our perceptions, our expectations, our beliefs and our standards about what we expect, all influence how we experience any event. Carl Jung says that we don’t experience the world the way it is, we experience it based on who we are. By taking this into account, we are able to create the most suitable beliefs, attitudes, standards, and expectations for experiencing the event.

This changes how we experience the event, which will then influence our response to the event. Think of an event that upset you years ago and if it was to happen today you would be unaffected. Your beliefs, your attitude, your expectations around that experience have changed as you have grown and matured. Your perceptions of the event and its consequences are different.

1. Want an introduction to coachingBecause of this change in you, the event is experienced differently.
2. Have limited time to studyBecause you experience the event differently, your response is different.
3. Are interested in personal development and improving themselvesBecause your response is different, the result changes.

Thought Dynamics takes the importance of our perspective into the coaching session, so that the client can have the best opportunity for influencing their response, and therefore their results.

Results do not happen simply because we want them to. We do not ‘get what we want’ just because we want it.

We don’t get what we want – we experience who we are.

Because of this, the importance of our thinking, and our perceptions, become clear and nonnegotiable.

Thought Dynamics sees multiple layers of our perception in determining our response to all events and

By assessing the six levels of thinking, we can form a picture of how we will approach and perceive an event. Will it worry us? Will it scare us? Will it excite us? Will it cause us to lean in and go with it, or lean away and avoid it?

No one person will ever respond to an event or experience the same, identical way. We are each shaping our response based on these six levels of thinking.

Whilst many people would not know their thinking level, and therefore don’t consciously influence their response, with coaching from a Thought Dynamics Coach, the client can shape their perceptions andm therefore shape their response. This will lead to a change in the outcome and the results.

Thought Dynamics Coaching Methodologies are available to students of The Coaching Institute who are participating in the Diploma of Life Coaching. To become a Thought Dynamics Coach and Facilitator, you need to be enrolled in the Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching, and enrolled in the Thought Dynamics Coaching and Facilitation Certification Program.

A Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Thought Dynamics Program can apply to become a Thought Dynamics Licensee, which includes access to the training and the ability to develop a team of Thought Dynamics Coaches.

Your first step is to enrol in the Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching with The Coaching Institute, and you can enquire about how to get started with us here.

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