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Meet Our Team

Eleven years ago Sharon Pearson was at a crossroad. After years of unsuccessfully attempting to have her crime novels published, and feeling frustrated by ill health, she knew she had to make some changes. A friend suggested life coaching; she already had the ability to listen to and help her friends. She loved personal development. It was a way forward where she could actually make a difference. 

Within 12 short months of starting her training to become a coach, Sharon had a full client list, had moved into dedicated coaching premises and was working with a wide range of clients from around the world. Training and public speaking gigs meant she was more in demand, and many coaches came to her seeking to know the 'secret' of her success. 

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Joe is the coaches' coach. He has trained in excess of 2000 coaches working in the field today. 

His range of clients includes Jones Lange LaSalle, NAB, ANZ, Ray White, Hocking Stuart, The Coaching Institute, OAMPS Insurance, Coles Group. Joe is a Master Trainer in Extended DISC – an internationally accredited leading behavioural profiling tool. He is one of only 10 master trainers in Australia. Joe is degree qualified in Psychology. 

Joe married his wife Silvana in 1996 and both are blessed with twin boys Oliver and Nicolas, born in 2008. Joe and his family live in Melbourne Australia.


Fiona is our Senior Course Consultant. Since starting with The Coaching Institute as a student over three years ago, Fiona has participated in almost every training The Coaching Institute has to offer and runs a successful training and coaching business. Fiona has now done 1000+ hours of coaching and training with Multi National Corporate, groups, small businesses and individuals and so she can help you get an insight into whether coaching might be for you!  

Fiona is available on (03) 9608 7937 or

Matt is a WOW team warrior! He is a professional coach and public speaker with a background in sales and personal training. 

Matt believes that learning and growing is essential to create stability and happiness in life. He loves being a part of the TCI community and being able to serve, give back and share with the students on a massive scale. 


Tracy has 18 years of diverse experience in financial, systems and administrative services. She has in the past worked for large US global software companies, the public sector and also for Not For Profit’s.

Tracy is the world’s least boring CPA and leads her team of finance superstars to give you the best possible experience. Put simply her team go above and beyond every day to make studying at The Coaching Institute all the easier.  


My name's Elysium (aka Glam), leader of your Dream Team (Marketing, Branding, R&D) and here to help you with your marketing, branding, website, technology, creativity, ideas... essentially whatever it takes for you to create an outstanding business and experience for your market!

Left brain I'm great at making things pretty, creating a brand, decoding what 1000 words you're saying with your 1 picture... Right brain I'm great at ESIP, structuring, project planning, and maths...   


Sikander is from our Accounts department. He joined TCI in late 2013.

He has completed Bachelor of Commerce (Majors in Accounting) from Swinburne University and currently pursuing CPA qualification.

He has extensive experience in all accounts areas. He is passionate and determination to provide extraordinary experience to students.  


Mauro is our lead web developer and IT specialist, Mauro’s skills are at the back end of our operations, tinkering away, making our work a breeze to complete.

Mauro has spent many years developing a wide variety of technologies for the web.   


Head of PR and good feelings. 

Oscar brings a wide range of experience at making people feel good and to get them to smile. He runs all things PR with a unique mix of charm, humour, willingness to have a go and determination to be involved in everything.

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