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What Is NLP?

Definition: NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence and communication.

At The Coaching Institute, we see it as so much more than that. Understanding NLP allows you to take control of your state, emotions and behavior. It allows you to transform your thought patterns to become more effective and facilitate positive change in others.

First Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder back in the 1970’s, NLP and it’s developments have become ever more popular in the education world. Famed for its phenomenal stack of tools and techniques NLP is credited with assisting thousands of people in overcoming blocks and reaching their true potential.

NLP begins with “modelling” – Studying an expert in the field and then breaking down the process of what makes them successful into thoughts, beliefs, values and actions. By doing this you unlock the ability to replicate the same awesome results and discover the core aspects of success.

NLP Master Practitioner, June 2013

Some of the Beliefs of NLP

1 There are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators.
2 People are not their behaviours. Accept the person, change the behaviour
3 Behaviour is geared for adaptation, and present behaviour is the best choice available. Every behaviour is motivated by a positive intent.
4 Calibrate on behaviour. The most important information about a person is that person's behaviour.
5 The map is not the territory.
6 You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results.
7 People have all the resources they need to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes.
8 There is only feedback. There is no failure, only feedback.
9 The meaning of communication is the response you get.

NLP Today - Meta Dynamics & the Evolution of NLP

Today NLP is used extensively by coaches, sales professionals, business leaders and educators as a way of assisting their clients to achieve maximum results easily and quickly.

But as the market and economy has evolved so must NLP. In June 2013 Sharon Pearson and The Coaching Institute launched their latest thinking model and change methodology, Meta Dynamics. Meta Dynamics takes NLP’s building blocks and adapts them to best serve our market today. We see this model as the future of our industry as it easily and effectively guides users to the results they desire.

This is the natural evolution of NLP and it has already been recognised for achieving some staggering results.

Read more about the Meta Dynamics Methodology.

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success stories
Sandra Bartlett - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Sandra Bartlett, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had, to see these two young people grow the way they did was amazing. I truly stepped out into the coaching world on Tuesday 29th April 2014 launching my business with a 2 hour workshop presenting the 10 Success Principles. I listened to this CD collection constantly for 2 weeks prior to the event, at the gym, in the car and I was reading the book at the same time. I transcribed every CD and I live with these principles everyday. I signed my first business client in May 2014 on a 6 month retainer and have been coaching the business owners and their managers. This client has seen me grow as a coach, after completing EDisc, Advanced Skills, Meta 1 & Meta II and How to Run a Workshop. I have been grateful for the opportunity to use all of these skills with this business client.

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Jade Varley - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Jade Varley, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

Before TCI I was working as a Town Planning Consultant in London. A demanding and stressful job I found myself in conflict with a Director and I ended up hating my job. I would spend my daytimes working as hard as possible so I didn’t have to work with him and my night times writing out new business ideas. Anything to get me out of where I was at. After 2 years of searching for something different my Dad said to me ‘Jade stop searching. You are going to Australia and you never know what Australia holds for you’. 12 months into a new town planning role in Australia and life was much sweeter. Sunshine, a 10 minute walk to work and no conflict, yet I still found myself searching for something more meaningful. Then I found The Coaching Institute and wow what a journey it has been. At my intake weekend I felt like I was in a parallel universe and I just couldn’t believe something like this existed. Finding The Coaching Institute has been one of the best things about moving to Australia.

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Katherine Barrington - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Katherine Barrington, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

When I wake up some mornings and find myself in an unresourceful state of mind, I remember an anecdote relayed to me by Joe Pane at my FOCS training. He told us that in nature, ducks do not stand around and organise how they are going to walk. The mother just starts moving and soon all the ducks are in a row. So I stop listening to my inner voice, put one foot in front of the other and by simply acting, I achieve more in my day than I could ever have imagined laying in bed.

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Jem Switajewski, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

With a strong appetite for the classroom component of the course, I booked in and completed all of those days with Joe Pane, Sharon Pearson and Johnnie Cass as quickly as possible. And with a real need to earn money, I got out there, joined business networking groups and started coaching as soon as I could. I needed to earn 100k in my first financial year, just to keep the wolves at bay, so I set the goal, focussed on where I could add value and make a difference, and I achieved my goal. This was working as a generalist, coaching and training anyone and everyone!

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Frank Fava - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Frank Fava, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

The part of it all is…. making your own rules. Whilst there are MANY different paths to take, this is a path that rewards taking your own path consistently. Most people are too concerned with thinking it needs to be such a certain way, but doing this is about finding your own way and inspiring others to the do the same is what this is about. TCI gives you the canvas, brushes and paints, and then it’s up to create a master piece of your own design. Don’t concern yourself so much with the 10,000th step, you’ll figure that out when you get to the 9,999th.

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Youarn Bell - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Youarn Bell, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching; Meta Dynamics II; Thought Dynamics Consultant

I came to TCI in September 2012. Both my wife Janelle and I decided to take the journey together, figuring that if all we got out of it was a better marriage, then that’d be a pretty damn good deal! Yes, it’s been so much more than that! Life before TCI? A bit different…! I was an actor, producer and director of my own theatre company, whilst holding down a day job at a transport company. Yup, I told you it was a bit different! Needless to say I was very busy. So busy that I burnt out while doing the very thing that I loved and eventually gave my theatre company away. All I was left with was my bills paid from keeping my transport job, and an empty feeling for giving up my passion. There’s only so long that one can stay with that empty feeling before finally taking action. And after many conversations with a great friend who was then a WOW team member, I started to see options.

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Emma Grey - Diploma of Life Coaching
Emma Grey, Diploma of Life Coaching

The idea we've taken from this is that - once you have your big idea... GO FOR IT! This is the fifth idea for a joint program that we came up with this year, and the only one we acted on because it felt right. We both know how it feels when a program gails (we've had plenty of flops between us, too), and we were prepared to give this all we had - regardless of the outcome. We looked into 2014 with this program as our major focus, which is absolutely not where we were in 2013. So interesting how things develop... Hopefully our experience will inspire you to keep going, keep experimenting, and throw yourselves heart and soul into this journey.

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Sarah Moore - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Sarah Moore, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

I didn’t have a clue as to what I was signing up for when I started… it didn’t take long for The Coaching Institute to blow me out of the water. TCI has changed the way I think and the way I am. I am so grateful to have been a part of the TCI community – a community which has multiple values associated with it. You feel like you’re not on the journey on your own… you’re part of a family. A different world to the one you start off in. It’s a lifelong journey. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

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Gary Newton - Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Gary Newton, Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

It was 2008 and I was at TCI's life coaching intake weekend. It was something I'd wanted to do for years, but the stigma of 80s motivational speaker cheesiness kept me away. Now I was finally in the room and I was REALLY triggered. To my credit, after I left I could see that I was projecting. I'd already done a lot of work on various aspects of myself but this was the first time I realised that money and business were BIG mirrors.

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Lana Mayes - ICG Practitioner of Coaching
Lana Mayes, ICG Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching

I knew I wanted to challenge myself to continue growing and becoming the best version of me. Deciding to sign up to the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching course, was for me the pathway to beginning my own personal development, and learning how to more serve others. My Foundations weekend in February 2014 was phenomenal. The content, the facilitator, the people I met and how these things have all conspired to support my success, is truly extraordinary. In the last 10 days I have submitted my manuscript of just under 43,000 words for my book “Trust Your Melody” to my editor. It is due to be published March 2015. Only days before that I followed the on-line path that my latest blog had taken around the world. Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, the Philippines and Bali. Not only that but my article has been picked up by several of the biggest charities in the world relating to my sons deformity, and shared with the thousands of families they support. From not speaking up to having an international voice!

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Barry Magliarditi - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Barry Magliarditi, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

I went from charging per hour to earning over $35,000 per month on consultancy where my clients call me when they need me. It’s quite a comfortable and nice position to be in – they only call when they need, and I am still earning a steady income. I’ve just developed my first workshop sold at $1,200 per month – and I’ve already had six people sign up before starting to market it! By December, I’ll be on $50,000 per month – which is phenomenal, being only 12 months into the journey.

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Valentina Bonatti - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Valentina Bonatti, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

My big vision is to become a professional traveller where I can travel the word and share the essential, fundamental and really powerful knowledge to people all around the world and help them to become a better version of themselves. Now I can say: life is wonderful and there are infinite possibilities for you to become what you really want and to have what you desire. What are you waiting for?

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Amber Hawken - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Amber Hawken, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

It has been a hell of a healing journey and incredible challenge which has been entirely worth it. I have had about 16 thousands identify shifts, cried more times in 12 months that the past 12 years put together, gotten sick, felt lost and most of all found what it is that lights my up every single day and I live and breathe what I teach. I have learnt to let go of control and that money is energy. Where focus goes energy flows. Financially it’s been incredible...

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Nick Knowles - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Nick Knowles, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

The Coaching Institute has been the foundation, one hundred percent. Having a training and a certification behind has really provided some extra confidence behind what I can deliver, and the content so far has just been incredible. In fact, whenever I want to give value, I ask myself what the team at TCI would be doing in this situation. I just think that TCI is one of those places I grew up dreaming about, and when I found it, I was like "Ohhh. This is what it feels like, in the flesh, in reality." It's really hard to language!

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Mark Rostoks - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Mark Rostoks, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

And what does it look like… well, unlike the majority of TCI students I’m not looking to create a coaching business at all, rather a support network type enterprise to help people ‘grow through’ their adversities – much like I’ve tried to do in my own life. TCI is helping me gain clarity around personal growth. So this business/organisation… it’s Grow Through. And to be perfectly honest this is the ‘community’ that I’ve been trying to find for years [for support with my own obvious challenges] only it never actually existed. Well yee-hah now it does :)

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Kleo Merrick - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Kleo Merrick, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

I looked at the TCI website. I started ticking all the boxes of the characteristics of a good coach. It was me, me, me. I was emotional because somebody finally understood me. I requested the gift pack, and Fiona from the Marvels called. We spoke for about an hour or so. Lots of tears. It was just amazing. I remember very clearly signing up on a Friday… and then went straight into Foundations of Coaching Success the week after.

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Nicole Robinson - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching & Extended DISC
Nicole Robinson, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching & Extended DISC

My success was about getting out of my own way and I was shown this by so many members of The Coaching Institute. They are a formidable team who absolutely inspire awesome. I also understand the importance of knowing I’m doing the best I can with what I have. Now, with the personnel and resources that TCI provides, that just shifted a whole other level

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Wendy Reiner - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching & Meta Dynamics II
Wendy Reiner, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching & Meta Dynamics II

The Coaching Institute has been the key to flipping a switch in my life. I’ve come from a place of being a people pleaser – being at effect. TCI is a resource for developing my life. They’re just amazing. Completely inspirational. With the opportunities that’ve come for me, I cannot afford to have anything stand in my way. TCI have taught me how to make my Why bigger than myself.

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Jane Nguyen - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Jane Nguyen, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching & Meta Dynamics Certified Profiler

Joining The Coaching Institute has been one of the biggest learning curves in my life. I had no idea about how to establish a business or how to sell myself. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and definitely big learning curves. I was able to use the knowledge I have had in market research to build my brand, in terms of colour, positioning, exposure etc. Self-belief and consistency are the keys to my quality marketing. It didn’t come as a second nature; it is something I had to learn over time. You need to absolutely believe in what you do, stand in your own conviction and keep going at it until you reach your goals. I realise that the journey to build a successful business is not a sprint; it is a long marathon that requires determination, perseverance and an absolute self-belief.

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Jaemin Frazer - Diploma of Life Coaching
Jaemin Frazer, Diploma of Life Coaching

The Coaching Institute gave me the ability to create my own niche. We offer coaches work running our contracts. Foundations of Coaching Success and NLP was mega cool. TCI have really given me the tools to flex our business development muscles. I knew the coaching world was something I needed, but I didn’t really understand much about it. I was – and still am – impressed about how powerful and practical it is. I have tools and strategies to make it work in the real world.

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Susan McKenzie - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Susan McKenzie, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

I couldn’t be more delighted with The Coaching Institute – everybody without exception is tremendous. Their thought leadership and training is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It feels like they’re a pioneering organisation. I’m proud to say I’m a part of it.

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David Lyons ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
David Lyons, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

At the moment, I’m working – following the bouncing ball. I’m prepared to coach for as many years as I possibly can. I’m getting on top of the things that matter. I’m getting better at acknowledging how I feel. I’m converting clients – and now I need to finish the course.

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Simone Mitchell-Thompson, Diploma of Life Coaching
Simone Mitchell-Thompson, Diploma of Life Coaching

The Coaching Institute course was so relevant to the business I wanted to create. I found myself ready to breathe and speak my business – it wasn’t just on paper anymore. What’s next? Launching my website. Moving back to the UK having built a totally international business. I can serve my clients from across the globe. I’m proof you can do what you want to, regardless of your background, challenges, experience, as one very successful advert says - ‘just do it!’

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Jessica Strickland, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Jessica Strickland, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

One small step every single day will take me to my dream. Do you want to know why I believe I can reach my dream? Or why I know I will reach my dream? First of all because of all of you guys out there – the support I have received from the coaching family and especially from the TCI family has allowed me to grow and believe in myself again. I know I am not doing this alone, I know I am not doing this just for me. We are all in this together. And I want to thank you all from all my heart for being in my life!

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Akren Garkos, ICG Master Practitioner
Akren Garkos, ICG Master Practitioner

Thanks to the TCI path, I have been able to break into an industry I have spent years trying to enter, and I have a job which I love and am passionate about. I get to spend every day doing the thing I love: working with people to maximise their success. I’m gaining valuable experience that I can translate directly into my coaching.

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Karen Singery, ICG Advanced Practitioner
Karen Singery, ICG Advanced Practitioner

The TCI journey is an incredible one, and the team there make it so easy. Through their community, I’ve been a part of peer coaching, where I can practise my skills while also receiving coaching advice myself. This community is a home. I am always surprised by the level of care shown by the TCI team and community.

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Cameron Davine - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Cameron Davine, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

In the beginning I really questioned whether or not this would work for me. I completed my Foundations of Coaching Success weekend in August 2013, the only reason I was there was because I wanted more from life and myself. I was stuck… from the an outsider looking in everything looked great, on the inside nothing made sense.

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Mathew Lewis - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Mathew Lewis, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

My journey with TCI began in 2012 - I had already enrolled in the Cert. IV course and I took my skeptical partner along to a free TCI event a few weeks before my intake weekend. We were both so blown away by the content shared at this event that I immediately upgraded to the Diploma course and my partner enrolled in the Diploma course as well - all before even setting foot in the classroom.

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Megan Jaworski - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Megan Jaworski, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

I always wanted to 'make a difference' in the world, so I thought I would become a teacher. However, after teaching for nearly seven years in five countries around the world, establishing a charity and school in Zimbabwe for orphans and children who lived on the streets, teaching in a leper colony in India and teaching within the private and public sector within Australia, I realised what my true passion was - changing people's lives for the better. I wanted to do it on a deeper, more meaningful level than what I was currently able to do. I researched 'Life coaching' and came across TCI. I didn't need much convincing to join, and I have not looked back ever since.

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Ash Nayate, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Ash Nayate, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

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Tania Tabbutt - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Tania Tebbutt, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

It has been really exciting to set up as a professional, doing what I love and feeling like I’m good at it! It is extremely satisfying to have people say YES!, step up sessions and sign up to information workshops. Their feedback to date has been amazing. If you continue to follow my journey you will see online material, workshops, retreats and plenty of 1:1 coaching opportunities ahead. I’m reaching out to young executives and entrepreneurs alike to keep them ahead of their game and master that age old foe – work/life balance!

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Trish Marks - Mastermind
Trish Marks, Mastermind

Modelling Sharon Pearson has assisted me in developing a business that has great financial rewards. Being part of the TCI community with all the training that is available to you and the support is phenomenal, then there’s what I call the nudge factor. They always celebrate your success with you and then give you a little nudge that will always result in you finding within yourself more Certainty, more Love, more Gratitude, or whatever it is you need to make the difference to you and your client’s world

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Linda Bryant - ICG Credentialed Master Pracitioner of Coaching
Linda Bryant, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

The coaching and mentoring journey has been so rewarding already and even before getting out there and working with others, the benefits of doing this course are worth it all. My 5 year goal is to be speaking at events for women in business as well as running my own training programs. I would like to be coaching around 6 clients at a time. I am limiting to that number as I love running the 2 businesses and that’s the perfect amount for me without overdoing it! I currently have 2 clients and will continue to outsource more of my photography work as the numbers increase (which seems to be happening very quickly!)

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Amber Hawken - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching
Amber Hawken, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

I have thought about this long and hard. Success to me isn’t the actions I’ve taken, it’s actually my perspective on the outcomes of my actions. Eg. just starting, just having a go and creating something that’s never been done before, no matter how terrified I was – that to me is a success. The actual retreat itself was insane. It was one of the hardest, craziest things I’ve ever done and in the end it cost me money, health and I swear, a little of my soul. It took me over a month to return to normal, but looking back there is no greater achievement than following through on something that most people thought was impossible to pull off by myself in 6 months’ time. I learnt so much, SO MUCH. It was like going to an intense business course for life.

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Chris Soderiou - ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Chris Soderiou, ICG Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

My coaching journey started at The Coaching Institute in 2012 when I enrolled and did my intake weekend. I was blessed to meet the wonderful student support team who continue to guide and encourage me throughout my coaching journey. I was also honoured to work with Joe Pane and more recently with Johnnie Cass who are two of the most incredible and inspiring people I have ever known. Acknowledgements are not complete however without mention of the founder of TCI Sharon Pearson who has shared her wisdom, inspiration and encouragement throughout all the training.

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Jacqui Grant - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student TCI
Jacqui Grant, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

I started my coaching journey in 2009 through reading and attending seminars run by Tony Robbins and others. However, my journey really took off in 2012 after contacting TCI and then again in 2013 when I made the commitment to myself. My first impression of TCI was an awesome feeling of welcome and community, exactly what I was looking for. My intake weekend was in March 2013, which was an amazing time. I was utterly stretched and I grew so much. I also learnt to get over myself. After intake I set the intent to just coach and learn. My mind was like a sponge and I continually used the ‘say yes and work out how’ approach.

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Mahmoud Yassine - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Mahmoud Yassine, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

Before TCI I was studying civil engineering at the University of Technology Sydney but I knew from the start that I was studying something I had no passion for. Because I loved people and was fascinated with the psychology of people and the process of change, I started looking in to a degree in Psychology. I didn't like traditional psychology so I started looking for something deeper and that's where life coaching comes in. Life coaching has combined my love of helping people with my passion for understanding human behaviour.

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Calley Morrison - ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching
Calley Morrison, ICG Master Practitioner of Coaching

I had also been a travel agent for the past 9yrs, which I grown out of and lost the passion I once had, so I found a big hole in my life with no longer being a full time mum, work was now non-existent so it was time for ME! I started doing some pretty deep soul searching with what I wanted in life and where I wanted to be in 5yrs, 10yrs rest of my life time. So after many tears, books, wine & girlfriend chats I found TCI and in my heart I knew it was what I was meant to do, I ask for confirmation (in my own way) and it came. Within 2wks I was signed with TCI and as they say the rest was history.

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Laura Bird. Current Diploma of Life Coaching Student
Laura Bird, Current Diploma of Life Coaching Student

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Bernadette Durrell - Diploma Student
Bernadette Durrell, Diploma Student

Like many people who had achieved success in their career choice I had come to the realization that something was missing. In my role as a Regional Manager with a large not for profit health provider I enjoyed the challenges of problem solving and assisting clients to receive services and staff to deliver them, and yet I still felt I wasn't using my skills to their fullest capacity.

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Lisa Redman - Diploma Student
Lisa Redman, Diploma Student

I had been running my property investment & development business but was looking to have a business that had a greater connection with people and where I could apply my business, human resource and communication skills and interests. I had looked into doing coaching many years before but knew it was the right time for me to start...

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Brett White - NLP and Certificate IV Student
Brett White, NLP and Certificate IV Student

It began for me this year when I enrolled in the certificate IV at The Coaching Institute looking to improve and grow my leadership capacity. I began listening to the CD’s and reading through the manual, learning an incredible amount of great stuff. In March I attended my intake weekend and things continued to take shape as I was challenged, developed and inspired in life coaching, leadership and success principles. I came back from that weekend changed, inspired and encouraged in my journey as a leader.

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Joanne Clark, TCI Graduate

WOW! I discovered I had given the best gift to myself – being in the TCI training rooms as a crew member means that I have had the joy of learning over and over again from every person in the room. Because no two trainings are ever the same, crewing has fast tracked my skills and capabilities to serve as the best coach and trainer I can be.

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Julie Alexander - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Julie Alexander, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

I’m passionate about what coaching can do but I communicate my WHY first. Coaching is just one way of delivering my why. It makes for more interesting conversations, that’s for sure! When you talk passionately about your “why”, it’s guaranteed to light you up and that sets you apart from the crowd who talk about what they “do” - and that's when the magic happens.

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Akren Garkos. Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Akren Garkos, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

My coaching journey – for that is indeed what this is, a journey fought with perils, pitfalls, love, lessons learnt in every sense of the word – actually started 5 years ago when I was looking, perhaps like many of us, for a career change.

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Sophia Rigas, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Sophia Rigas, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

It was great to serve these special people and be a part of their experience. It comes back to you multiplied. Also the fact that we depend on The Coaching Institute to be there for us... we might as well return the favour. The wicked thing is that it gives you a behind-the-scenes taste, so that we know what is involved in time, effort and co-ordination to make the whole thing happen.

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Michelle Croner - Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student
Michelle Croner, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

My coaching journey began just two and a half months ago with my intake weekend at the end of March 2013. I’d been thinking about a coaching career for over a year before I took that first step, but with just having had my second baby, I wanted to time it right. As soon as the little one was weaned, I knew it was the right time for me. Before children I had been working...

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Julie-Ann Booth - Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching Student
Julie-Ann Booth, Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching Student

Feeling a little disillusioned with events going on in my life, it was time to change. TCI had been recommended to me as being one of the best Coaching Schools in Australia. Apparently a great place to learn & it was time for me to get serious about ‘what’s next’ in my life. I contacted the Institute & it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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Michelle Furtado smiles
Michelle Furtado, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

Life coaching never seemed to me like a legitimate career. I always liked the idea but didn’t think it was a way to make decent money. Even though I knew life coaches help people and provide amazing service, I couldn’t see how I could make a living from it. Until I stumbled across TCI.

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Pina Cerminara, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Student

I attended my FOCS weekend end of May this year and I was so inspired and eager to get into my journey as a coach. I wanted to get as much information into my head and heart that I could possibly get from Joe. I loved everything Joe shared, his stories, his teachings, his wisdom and advice.

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Belinda Clarke - Diploma Student, Life Coach/Mentor
Belinda Clarke, Diploma Student, Life Coach/Mentor

The support of the TCI team has been incredible. They helped me to see that getting out there and just coaching is easier that I first expected. Within a couple of months I had successfully completed my first workshop and sold product I had created. I now see paying clients and and am part way through writing my first book! Something I have always wanted to do.

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