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Becoming a successful coach

Just after the class I recorded an FAQ video to make sure that your questions are answered and you're all taken care of after our call together. 

It got me on a roll! What can I say... this is what I'm really passionate about. I wanted to take it a bit deeper into successful coaching and carries on from where we were on the call.
So, we kept the camera rolling and asked the team to upload this clip for you as well. 

I've had a flood of applications come through. The ones that have been successfully accepted are the people who showed they truly care and truly want to make a difference, it's such a common phrase yet few people really 'get' what it takes. For some it wasn't quite right - and that's ok, that's why we have an interview process. It's important that we get this right. 

The video will give you more insight into what it means to become a successful coach. Share your thoughts below... I trust this is helpful. 


Become a Successful Coach

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