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How to Become a Successful Coach

Turn your passion into profit...

I want to take you on a little tour of our Melbourne campus at The Coaching Institute. Along the way I’ll introduce you to three really key factors on which I built my business.

The presentation is about:

  1. How to deliver great coaching with limited experience (and get results fast).
  2. How to create a phenomenal experience for your clients using a NEW coaching methodology called Meta Dynamics.
  3. How to position yourself as an authority... instantly... while delivering massive value, creating goodwill, AND attracting clients.

I want to help you stand out in the market and to do that you'll need to truly give your clients something different. 

Enjoy the video and be sure to make note of any questions you have so we can explore them in Wednesday's class (you can register for that at the bottom of the vid - it's the big blue button)..."See" you there!

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