"TCI community fueled my success as I now own my coaching business and have helped many people around the world!"

Jayde Masterson

Jayde Masterson, TCI Accredited Professional Coach

Jayde Masterson

Accredited Professional Coach

My coaching journey started after I was left bruised and broken by my ex-partner and her new partner in the bathroom of a pub. I was left in a state that I'd never been in before, a state where I felt completely helpless and enraged, unable to leave the house due to the extreme anxiety I'd have just a few meters from leaving the house.

Then I made the choice, I had to get out of town, I could see the impact this was having on not just myself but my family too, so my new partner and I traveled up to Queensland to recover. It was there that I started my healing process, my Aunty and Uncle introduced me to the workings of Dr. John DeMartini and my self-discovery journey began.

Self-pacing myself into a new empowered state where I felt like a phoenix rising through the flames I decided at that moment I was going to do what Dr DeMartini does. I will help people who were in my position, who don't know where to turn or how to make things better. To show people that they deserve everything they dream of and how they can heal themselves to be the amazing, unique human beings they are.

In this journey I discovered The Coaching Institute(TCI) where my journey has sky rocketed! Being a part of the TCI community (since Sept 2014) is one of the most spiritually and intellectually growing spaces I’ve ever found or could recommend being a part of. Due to the support, determination and work ethics that have fueled my success.

I now own my coaching business – Diamond Class Coaching – based in Perth, Western Australia and have helped many people all around the world! A dream that comes true each day!

No matter where you are in life, I truly believe you can have anything you dream of. I know because I made it a mission for myself and now I live the life I dreamt about!

Only 3 years later, I am now engaged to the love of my life, we bought our first house in Western Australia, I own a business I love to be in everyday and being able to meet amazing people every step of the way!

For me the future holds keynote speaking, wealth creation and abundance for my family.

Your journey is important, your voice matters and you can make a difference!

In any area you choose.

I believe in you!

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