"When I joined The Coaching Institute (TCI) I knew I was in for a personal journey although I had no idea HOW life changing this journey would be. "

Lauren Blundell
Accredited Professional Coach

Lauren Blundell, TCI Accredited Professional Coach

Lauren Blundell

Accredited Professional Coach

I remember when I was 19 years old very boldly proclaiming I would own my own business one day. Not having a clue what I would do although very innately understanding that it was going to help people.

Fast forward 12 years, whilst sitting at my grey desk starring at my computer in my corporate job in Sydney CBD, I wondered what happened to that bold statement I made 12 years before and what I was really doing to help people. I was unhappy, bored, exhausted with no clear direction in sight. I longed for purpose.

As I intrinsically knew I liked to help people, the last 6 years were spent flirting with different careers that were all connected to the health industry. I started a psychology degree…and dropped out. I considered nursing and personal training, although none of these really resonated with me. Anxiety was now an ever growing and lingering emotion. As I starred at my computer, in my stuffy air-conditioned office with limited sunlight I literally thought ‘’is this it?”

Fast forward 9 months and the anxiety has gone, the direction is strong and I am happier than I have ever been. When I joined The Coaching Institute (TCI) I knew I was in for a personal journey although I had no idea HOW life changing this journey would be. I just wanted to help people. I wanted purpose and direction and to be happy. Having no idea that whilst I have obtained all those things I have also fallen so deeply back in love with myself.

I feel like the adult version of my 5 year old self, before the limiting beliefs, before society told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t and before people told me to stop being so kind. Through TCI I have regained a strong sense of self, and I want to give this to my clients.  I want to give others the opportunity to create success in their life.

Now, I start each day with so much gratitude. Grateful for my top two drivers; Connection and Variety that influenced my decision to choose TCI as my school. Grateful for my stubbornness to find my purpose. Grateful for all the beautiful people I have made connections with this year at TCI and also outside in the civilian world 😉 Lastly, I am grateful I didn’t give up on my 19 year old dream.

So what does the future hold? World Domination, one relationship at a time 😉

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