"I have experienced remarkable personal growth with TCI. Coaching has enabled me to make a meaningful contribution to the world."

Sophia Lightfoot
Accredited Professional Coach

Sophia Lightfoot, TCI Accredited Professional Coach

Sophia Lightfoot

Accredited Professional Coach

In the 10 months I’ve been with The Coaching Institute (TCI), I have experienced remarkable personal growth.

Prior to joining the Accredited Professional Coach program, I was happy with my lot in life and yet, there was a niggling feeling of ‘there’s got to be something more.’ Human behaviour has always fascinated me. Why do we do the things that we do? As a child, I remember wondering why some of my neighbours seemed so happy, whilst others rarely smiled. As I grew older, I grew increasingly curious about why so many people had great potential, yet failed to thrive, whilst others had almost insurmountable obstacles, and achieved phenomenal success.

I hadn’t known about coaching until last year. I knew I wanted to work at something that allowed to me to travel as I grew older and that also allowed me to earn a good income. I knew I enjoyed working with people and that I had a need to express my creativity. Most of all, I wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Coaching gives me all that and more.

The TCI courses are overflowing with remarkable content of a high standard which is continually being upgraded. The mentoring from successful coaches in the industry is second to none. The community is like nothing I’ve ever experienced – so many authentic individuals who champion each other, lead, guide, contribute, share their successes as well as their challenges, wherever they are on their journey, and hold each other accountable to a high standard of communication and interaction.

Even more than that, what means so much to me, is that I am able to study with TCI in my own time, from my own home, while working full-time at a job I love, and raising three gorgeous children. My kids love that I’m studying with TCI, they enjoy meeting other coaches when we get together at ICG Coach and Connect, as well as listening to my webinars. Best of all, they tell me: “Coaching makes you really happy, Mum.” As Louise L. Hay wrote: "My future is bright, joyous and secure.”

Thank you TCI.

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