"TCI really helped me to go beyond what I have ever thought was possible."

Steph Panther
Accredited Professional Coach

Steph Panther, TCI Accredited Professional Coach

Steph Panther

Accredited Professional Coach

I was first introduced to The Coaching Institute (TCI) in November 2015.

I remember walking into “Your Best Year Yet” event with nervous anticipation. I was not sure what to expect, just curious about coaching and development, and looking for something beyond my personal and professional aspirations. I clearly remember the feeling of walking into the school and then instantly feeling at ease. Being amongst people who genuinely care and ‘tall poppy syndrome’ was nowhere to be found!

The culture of TCI is incredible and the support staff (WOW team) go above and beyond to deliver the best results. What initially started out as an expanding personal development journey, soon turned into a coaching business and now one year later life has completely changed.

I am now living in Amsterdam, coaching Australian and international clients and helping others thrive in what they do. I could not think of anything more rewarding than helping others be the BEST version of themselves, happy, fulfilled and finding their success.

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with human behavior and understanding more about “why we all do what we do”. I found professional coaching after working for 10 years in the health care industry as a neurosurgery and intensive care nurse. After seeing some of the best (and worst) moments of human life; from rural and metropolitan Australia to roadside trauma in Scandinavia, to working with Saudi Arabian royal family, I think it is safe to say – I have seen it all! Nothing really shocks me!

These raw and precious experiences of human life have been extremely grounding and through this I have realised what is most important. All we have is right now in this moment.

Nothing else is actually certain, and our lives are ultimately made up of moment-to-moment choices. We choose how we experience life. The grass is, in fact, always greener when we water it! Every second of life that we have is so precious and it is an absolute gift to be alive and breathing. Hence why I decide to live my life the way I do – If I see a fantastic opportunity I simply go after it!

There really is no time for ego, fear or judgement to get in the way. Sometimes we even need to get ourselves out of our own way!

TCI really helped me to fully embrace this and have encouraged me to go beyond what I have even thought was possible. Taking the plunge into a career of coaching, studying and building a business abroad has been a huge personal challenge, and the best investment in my education.

They provide the most updated research and resources – so I can bring the very best advice to my clients. TCI are extremely generous and I cannot express how sincerely grateful I am for their support.

Thank you Sharon Pearson & the wonderful team at TCI!

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