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"The best decision I’ve ever made"

The words “thank you” barely express my gratitude for your outstanding mentorship and my appreciation of the Coaching Institute. I’d like to celebrate with you the best decision I’ve ever made: I joined the Coaching Institute (TCI)

I’d reached a fork in the road, having made a clean break from my “old life”. I arrived in Australia in late 2008, knowing no-one, with my baby girl, Mira. I settled on the Sunshine Coast – a single mum, with very limited finances.

Soon after my arrival I met a coach who was training at TCI. I did my research. I discovered that TCI was a fully accredited, internationally recognized school.

It was clear from my conversations with the warm, knowledgeable TCI team; from the TCI website and from the informative, practical and brilliant resources you’d sent out, that TCI offered easily the best courses in the country, support and upheld standards of excellence.

In early 2009 I made a choice that radically changed the course of my life for good in every conceivable way, personally and professionally. I joined the diploma program. At the time, the deposit for the program was just about all the money I had. I knew I had to commit to my education and so I took the plunge and said "yes".

In less than eleven weeks I’d earned back my course fees in full, through coaching by implementing what I was learning.

I knew I’d committed to a full and well-designed program. What I experienced when I came on board, surpassed my expectations in every way. The TCI environment conspires for the success of students who are willing to take action. It’s been a privilege to experience the encouragement, positivity and level of willingness to serve that’s the TCI standard.

Four years on I have over two thousand hours of coaching experience and PCC accreditation; my own signature System titled “Your Unique System” for transformational personal and business coaching and having written an Internationally acclaimed book, Hot Confidence.

I make the cost of the diploma program in less than a week. When I’m running trainings, I consistently do three, four or five times that fee - in an afternoon.

I love my life! As well as coaching, mentoring and training, I get to travel, study, write books and spend time with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful partner (yes, I found love again – bonus!)

As a result of my decision to study with TCI I received access to the most up-to-date tools, techniques and strategies I needed (on and off-line) to facilitate transformation in the lives and businesses of people of influence, change-makers, coaches, authors, speakers and trainers. My clients are in Australia, the USA, UK, South Africa and Canada.

What TCI brings so consistently is leadership, learning, loving, giving and growing so that others can do the same. I can thoroughly recommend TCI anyone who has an interest in becoming a coach and having a sustainable business coaching, mentoring and training.

The comprehensive Coach Training system TCI continues to refine, update and improve, delivers so much value, guidance and support! If I completed my diploma and established a wonderful practice with Mira so young, on my own and with no networks – it’s possible for anyone, anywhere, who wants to help people, improve businesses and live the life of their dreams – to achieve this to!

TCI’s gift was that I was able to create more of a difference, better and faster.

TCI holds an important place in my life as a catalyst, community and ongoing resource for my success today.

My decision to do my Coach training with TCI has benefitted my family, my clients and continues to touch the lives of people around the globe I haven't even met through my books and products. Signing with TCI remains the wisest investment I ever made.

Thank you so much.

Nadine Love

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Nadine Love
- Diploma of Life Coaching
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