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Meta Dynamics Certified Practitioner
Meta Dynamics Certified Practitioner
The Meta Dynamics Certified Practitioner course is an evolution of NLP, designed to help you master every area of your life.
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Current Students

Welcome back to your online coaching portal.

This is where you can access all the resources you need to become a fantastic coach. You’ll also find your learning plans and the assessment schedule; helping you to keep on track and achieve incredible results.

Make sure you stay up to date by following the EVENTS calendar and by booking into your trainings as you need to. Remember, everybody’s journey is different; some people like to stagger there learning whereas others jump straight into everything and then let it settle. My only advice is – Reserve your seat early as some events are extremely popular!

Online classes are added all the time so make sure you stay well across the WEBINAR schedule and model what you can from our talented team of facilitators and mentors. Webinars are your online classes and will provide the backbone of your learning. You can attend each class as many times as you like over the life of your membership and there is no limit to your participation.

Remember mastery comes from repetition and who knows; maybe one day it will be you delivering the class. Remember, you can always check out the TCI Facebook Groups and the TCI blog to keep in contact with the whole community and what’s going on around the campus.



Michelle Croner, Diploma Student

My coaching journey began just two and a half months ago with my intake weekend at the end of March 2013. I’d been thinking about a coaching career for over a year before I took that first step, but with just having had my second baby, I wanted to time it right.

Create your ideal average day
Here’s a typical coaching conversation:You: What outcome would you like to take away from this session?Client: I’m doubting myself a lot these days. I’m not sure what I want, and I’m just not feeling it.You: OK, how would you like it to be instead? Client: I feel I’m not as confident as I used to...
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