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Your Study Path

The Coaching Institute’s mission is to create outstanding and extraordinary coaches. Our focus is on our student’s success, which means we must ensure we deliver the very best coaching training we can.

We also appreciate that many students will want to experience a number of our training events and programs as they progress through their training. For example, one student joined at the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching level and then progressed through to the Meta Dynamics Level III as part of their professional development journey.

As you study you will discover where your strengths are, what you do best and where you want to focus. You may discover, for example, that one-on-one coaching is not your passion, but running seminars is. This would mean you would want to enrol in more than the entry-level program, to ensure you received the specialist training you require.

When you come to your training event you will be provided the opportunity to hear about the different training options so you can make an informed decision about what would best suit you.

You can also contact your Wow Team and discuss further training options with one of your coaches, many of whom have participated in the training you are considering.


What You Can Participate in

Here’s a summary of the programs that are available to you:


Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching Students

This is considered the entry-level program for people who want to ‘check out’ coaching, who are looking to do part time coaching, and who perhaps see the skills they learn as augmenting skills they already have.

It is a program rich with content on personal development, one-on-one coaching and building stronger relationships and communication skills.

Many students who do this program take their newly learned skills and bring them into their current workplace, as coaching skills are considered valuable for leadership and working with others.

You may find yourself coaching people one-on-one from a home-based business. Much of the coaching is done on the phone, so you will be free to coach anyone, anywhere.

Employers are seeking well-trained communicators and leaders, so the skills learned at this level are a strong base for employment opportunities.

This program is delivered over 12 months, but you can complete your recognition requirements sooner, depending on your motivation levels and time available. As with all our programs, finishing fast is not always ideal. Staying for the support, the opportunities to network and to ask questions is probably more important than simply getting it done.

If you choose the national accreditation rather than the international training pathway, you will be required to do monthly assessments to achieve your accreditation.

The international pathway gives you access to additional coach training classes and recordings to develop your coaching skills.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:


Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching Students

This is the intermediate level training, which includes the previous course, the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching.

It has focus on one-on-one coaching, and goes beyond this into looking at how to niche and specialise. It also brings much more business skills training, with a comprehensive focus on client attraction, client service, packaging programs and professional development of the coach.

Because there is more face-to-face training, class contact, more support and more feedback on your coaching skills through the Coaching ‘Practicums’, you have more opportunities to develop your own personal and professional skills.

Your business and marketing training will assist you in developing your own coaching practice, and can lead to part-time or full-time coaching. You can also take your skills into your current employment, as your communication, leadership and business skills are developed.

You are also given access to an introduction to thinking styles tools such as EDISC, so your skill in giving feedback to others is developed.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:


Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching Students

This is one of the strongest programs available for developing your coaching skills. It is one of the more challenging programs we have, with its emphasis on the more advanced coaching methodologies, including Meta Dynamics™.

This program, delivered over 24 months, includes the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching and the Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching programs, so the program content is very comprehensive.

It shows you how to one-on-one coach, how to market your services, how to develop a niche and how to develop coaching packages. Beyond this, you’re going to participate in the seven day Meta Dynamics Level I, which includes within it the NLP Practitioner Certification training. These are advanced methodologies which go beyond the basic GROW Model.

There is also included within it the How to Run a Successful Workshop four day training. This is ideal as an introduction to learning how to run workshops and deliver seminars.

The focus is very much on you as the leader and coach, so the Leadership Coaching training is comprehensive and valuable for corporate work and for higher-end clients.

We expect students and graduates at this level to be more than able to develop their own coaching practice, to have an agency of coaches, to be able to deliver short workshops and group coaching and to have their own coaching product.

You will be well equipped to present yourself as a very competent and capable coach in all coaching situations.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:


Meta Dynamics™ Level I Students

This is an exciting, dynamic, challenging and valuable training. Congratulations for getting yourself into this room!

Meta Dynamics™ Certification training includes the NLP Practitioner Certification training and the TCI Deep State Repatterning™ training.

It’s a seven day training that is intense. You will be challenged, as the training is advanced, and it will give you phenomenal skills for assisting your clients with rapid change work.

Remember, this training is included if you are enrolled in the Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching level of training, as part of that program.

If you‘ve enrolled in this choice as a stand-alone training, you will receive the 19 CD pre-learning and the manual 90 days beforehand. Please ensure you have received these materials.

Meta Dynamics is exclusive to TCI and is one of the most popular trainings we have ever offered.

It can help you with goal setting, overcoming fears and limits, breaking through old patterns and letting go past issues that have maybe held you back.

There is adult content and themes in this training, as well as strong language. The training is based on the work of Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins, who teach that by challenging social norms and limits we create bigger breakthroughs and faster change for our clients.

If you’re easily offended, you should consider transferring to a less challenging program.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:


Meta Dynamics™ Level II Students

Meta Dynamics™ Level II is an exciting, and to many, obvious next step from the Meta Dynamics™ Level I training. It builds on the skills learned at the previous level, and brings the best of advanced NLP methodologies, and focuses on the Meta Dynamics frameworks which challenge clients and bring about new thinking paradigms.

Meta Dynamics™ Level II is five days of face-to-face training, and prior to this you will need to cover some intense pre-work, including studying DVDs, practicing some of the methods and participating in some classes.

This training is for anyone who wants the difference that makes the difference as a coach – the edge in terms of coaching and consulting skills.

It brings the richness of the Meta Dynamics™ thinking models and combines them with the strength of the NLP Master Practitioner training (delivered as your pre-learning).

The uniqueness of giving you, as your pre-learning, such an advanced training, is absolutely setting you apart from most other coaches in terms of skills and methodologies.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:


Meta Dynamics™ Level III Students

Training and facilitation is not the same thing. A trainer will focus on imparting pre-decided content. A facilitator will allow the room to develop their understanding of the content, so that they own what they learn.

The transference of knowledge through ‘telling’ versus self-discovery would be obvious to most adult learners, yet very few programs provide the opportunity to develop the unique skills required for successful facilitation.

This training is five days of intense focus on how to bring the audience to the conclusions they need to draw for understanding and action. This is a very different skillset to ‘teaching knowledge’.

The pre-learning for this training is pretty substantial. You are going to receive most of the NLP Trainers Training live training as your pre-work. This alone sets this training apart from anything else you will experience.

Your skills as a trainer, presenter and facilitator will be expanded, enabling you to deliver comfortably and effectively in all training environments.

From this program, you can upgrade at any time to the following programs:

This brief tour of what you are participating in, or can participate in, is an introduction only. You are encouraged to get in touch with your Wow Consultant and explore the best program choices for you, based on what you want to achieve as a coach and trainer.


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