Foundations of Coaching 11/2010 | The Coaching Institute

Foundations of Coaching Success Intake Weekend - Melbourne 26 Nov 2010


Words can’t describe the experience that I had. It allowed me to tap into the resources that I knew I had and some I had forgotten. It gave great information, extended my knowledge and gave me the confidence to do what I knew I had to do deep down. The quality of the training from Joe was exceptional. Do it and you will never look back!

Kate Gleeson, Toowong, QLD

I was introduced to key concepts of coaching in an experiential environment which helped consolidate my learning. There was a great atmosphere that elevated my energy and absorption levels. I loved the focus of who I needed to be not only what I needed to do. Also the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of participants Joe was an exceptional communicator!


Much more than I expected.  Great information, clearly defined, fantastic delivery, fun. Thank you.

Belinda Bardas, Armdale, VIC

I have got more clarity on where i want to go. I am excited about what lies ahead for me. Had so many ah ha moments and broke through so many limiting beliefs.

Ramona Lever, Point Cook, VIC

The belief that i can change and how to achieve that. I started to let go and will definitely keep going. It will change your life if you let it.

Karen Thompson, Darley, VIC

Anything is possible. A lot more than i expected on how to develop a coaching business. Dont hesitate, do it now!

Denise Dielwart, Glendale, QLD

A sense of achievement, fulfilment, self-worth and a lot of new friends. I learnt so much more than I expected. Go for it, the best weekend eve, you learn so much in such a short space of time, it is amazing.


Those who do the work will get the rewards. Its hard work but just say yes. The energy was just amazing, the practical example, just amazing. You just can’t appreciate how valuable this event is unless you experience it for yourself.

Cameron Brown, Oaklands Park, SA

The whole weekend showed not only the skills, teaching, and commitment to my success from TCI, also the heart. Stop thinking and take action .

Martin Longden, Cheltenham, VIC

Inspiration, a mentor and a lot of knowledge, far more then i expected. If you are looking to contribute and change lives, this event and institute gives you the knowledge to do that.

Valentino Papasavva, Clayton, VIC

Huge amount of information which I was not aware of with regard to personal growth and application on others. It was more than what I anticipated. Be prepared to have your eyes opened.


Exceptional, professional facilitator. Energetic and well organised staff. Professional material. No stone unturned. It’s a blast, fantastic for personal development and if you are willing to do the work a ‘NO FAIL’  approach to starting your own coaching business.

Carol Hulst, South Melbourne, VIC

‘Everything and more’; this is where I want to be. Connecting with people and getting reciprocated energy. You will be in for a big surprise. All is good and getting even better.

Rebecca Crawford, Warnbro, WA

A good understanding if the coaching framework that can work as a business offering. Some good tools to use in coaching conversations. I built a deeper awareness of the different styles of people entering the profession. I’d heard Joe was good, but not this good, a useful role model.

Ian Murray, Brunswick, VIC

Great networking, great information, proof of the effectiveness of the material. I didn’t really have any expectations coming to the institute, so everything was a great experience.

Mark Barltrop, East Oakleigh, VIC

Great networking/friends, a life changing experience will Joe from NLP. I put myself under pressure and out of my comfort zones.

Tom Boyle, Swan Hill, VIC

Insight to true coaching process/ techniques, good people, example of power.  Explore the uncertainty.

Wade Keenan, Albert Park, VIC

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Coaching Template: How To Create Your Ideal Average Day
Create your ideal average day
Here’s a typical coaching conversation:Coach: What outcome would you like to take away from this session?Client: I’m doubting myself a lot these days. I’m not sure what I want, and I’m just not feeling it.Coach: OK, how would you like it to be instead? Client: I feel I’m not as confident as I used to be. As a result, I feel demotivated and this is affecting my work. I don’t feel the same passion I used to… And I’m having serious concerns if I’m on the...
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How One Woman Is Making a Difference & Changing Lives
Making a Difference & Changing Lives
Meet Martha Ngunjiri.Martha is a GP at LITHI Clinic (Living in Total Health Initiative). The clinic is at Kiambiu, one of the slum settlements in Nairobi, Kenya.Having gone through chronic terminal illness herself, she knew there was still choice. She chose to approach the challenge with strength.Today, Martha is thankful she lives a healthy and vibrant life. And there’s even more than that…She now has a newfound gift – the gift of empathy toward...
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EPICFest 2016: Thank You For An Extraordinary Journey!
EPICFest 2016
We’ve just had the first ever Global Live EPICFest here in Melbourne at the TCI HQ, and WOW!What an extraordinary opportunity we’ve had. To say it was epic would be an understatement.It was above and beyond of what each one of us expected, and the only reason we could make this happen was because of YOU.You acknowledged your ‘inner freak’ wholeheartedly.You embraced the unfamiliar.You made and renewed friendships.You discovered ground-breaking stuff....
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Courage To Be A Coach: Celebrating You & Your Coaching Journey
Celebrating coaching
It’s just too scary, isn’t it?Too often, we take life for granted and delay our passions to a “tomorrow” that’s never guaranteed.But here's the thing...Decades of your life may be gone, but it’s never too late to take charge.It doesn’t have to be a large lifestyle change or uprooting your whole belief system, but you've got to start somewhere.And then something happens and things start to click.You finally discover your truth. Your purpose. And...
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The Coaching Institute Foundation: Making a Difference Since 2008
The Coaching Institute Foundation: Making a Difference Since 2008
Each year, there is an increase of homelessness, poverty and hardship for many Australians.There is a large number of women continuously subject to domestic violence and abuse.There are numerous instances of barbaric acts toward animals around the world.At The Coaching Institute, we are passionate about the above causes and deeply care for the welfare of the community. We do our bit to bring a share of playfulness, joy, fun and laughter, so people are...
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TCI News: Newest Upgrades Coming to Your Coaching Courses
Newest Upgrades to Your Coaching Courses
You might have heard the rumblings on Facebook.Perhaps you’ve heard the rumours, too...I am here to tell you that yes, it’s official!Brace Yourself... TCI Brings You #ProjectEpic!Come July 1st 2016, we’re upgrading your coaching courses in major (and wonderful) ways:Here is what is coming up for current & new students:
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7 Essential Steps to Become a Successful Coach
How to Succeed as a Meta Coach
Be honest...You’ve thought about it several times: How do some coaches pull it off so well and serve their client with exactly what they need every single time?We’d all like to coach with that kind of passion and certainty.

Because deep down, you and I both want to make a difference and contribute.To touch lives.To help them find meaning.To experience growth and love.I think every coach wants that. Yes, it’s about living life on your...
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12 Years Dedicated to Elevating Coaching Standards… And Still Going Strong
2016 marks TCI’s 12-year anniversary as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 21564).As the #1 life coaching school in Australasia, this is a huge milestone for us to crack, and we wanted to take this time to celebrate this massive win by sharing the news with you.Through the last decade, The Coaching Institute has been the industry leader in the field of coaching and human potential, and has achieved ground-breaking success.Of course, this...
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6 Common Mistakes New Life Coaches Make & How to Avoid Them
New Life Coaches
You know that feeling you get right before a coaching session?Especially if you’re a new coach or wanting to become one, you know what I mean.The angel on one shoulder says you’re going to lead a successful coaching session serving your client the best possible way possible.Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder is not so sure; calls you an “imposter” and challenges your expectations.Sadly, for me, the devil was clearly winning.A Personal...
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9 Things Courageous People Do Differently
Courageous People
What’s so different about courageous people?  Let me take a wild guess. . .One of your goals this year relates to opening yourself to new experiences.Maybe it’s about travelling to a faraway country.Or learning a new culture and a new language.Or committing to doing things differently than you’ve been doing all this time.And even if setting a long-term goal isn’t a welcome idea in your books, making yourself open to embrace time-tested strategies...
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