HTRSW 20th – 23rd August 2013 | The Coaching Institute

HTRSW 20th – 23rd August 2013

             August HTRSW

“This is the ULTIMATE in getting over yourself. Positively challenging on many levels – even if you never want to speak publically – you still MUST get in the room – learn how you can show up in the world!”

Stephanie Stewart – Sydney, NSW

“The most outstanding aspect of this training, for me, was not the content – it was the environment of love, respect and support that both staff and students created. This allowed me to push my boundaries and drop illusions and to come through a different woman than I came in. That was the rue gift. Thank you all!”

Carla Gasparin – Aldgate, SA

“I loved the journey I took. I arrived shitting it (for want of a better word) and each day I got over myself more and more by failing forward. This meant that I have constantly grown and challenged myself. Every day I have been surprised at what I have achieved which makes me so proud.”

Laura White – Sydney, NSW

“The way Joe skilfully and elegantly moves us to a place of certainty and excitement is nothing short of masterful! Thanks to TCI, Joe and crew. “

Youarn Bell – Melbourne, VIC

“I loved the How to Run A Successful Workshop training with Joe Pane. This training stretches you completely, for all the right reasons. Joe, the TCI crew and participants create a supportive and comfortable environment to step out of your comfort zone and ROCK!”

Bridget Irvin – Sydney, NSW

“This training challenged me to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT! It exceeded all my expectations. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much to Joe and the rest of the crew for their knowledge, support and feedback!”

Shelby Kennedy – Geraldton, WA

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The 8 Secrets of the Ninja Code
A true ninja (shinobi, in Japanese) is not just someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices everything into pieces.At The Coaching Institute, our events crew are Ninjas. Everyone knows that you need great crew to have a great event, that’s why we train our Ninjas to be the best in the world. We love our Super Ninjas and everything they do!Skilled in the art of serving others, the TCI Ninjas are a team of volunteers from our student...
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What matters most? #WOWmatters
Wow Matters
First you need a little bit of background…I don’t live in the real world. I live in TCI world. And from here we see things a little differently.We celebrate the good. Congratulate the passionate. And strive for imperfection.But that doesn’t mean we walk through life with Rose Coloured Glasses.All around us we see people slipping into their problems. Struggling with their challenges. And being completely dis-heartened with their lot in...
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Coach and Connect in Radelaide
Group Pic
Coach and Connect is our monthly community event we have in each Australian state, each month we invite an industry expert to come and speak and it’s also a place to come and share the common goal of finding out what you are made of. As we said on the weekend, it’s the place all us personal development weirdos come to hang out hehe.This weekend just gone, I flew over from the land of TCI headquarters in Melbourne to run a special full day training for...
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Melbourne Coach & Connect - Marketing with Kyle Birkett
"You have 48hrs to make it happen, anything worth writing down is worth actioning" Kyle Birkett

 So what does marketing mean?

- Attracting the right client
- Sales
- Branding

Is it an expense or investment ?

It should be the biggest investment you make and if you aren't getting a return then you must be doing something wrong. Harsh but true.

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Sales Consultant Dynamo
  • Great team environment with beautiful offices next to Albert Park Lake
  • All leads supplied
  • Base + great commissions + bonuses $110k OTE
 We are the award winning leader of coach training and personal development in Australasia. Our culture is uniquely values-focused, we have fun, work hard and each member of our team is free to innovate how to improve our business....
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Melbourne Coach & Coach ~ with John Sharkey
 Make Progress Visible – Explode Your Results With The Right Mentor

Are you fed up because you can’t see results?Do you want some simple, easy tips and models to use straight away?Would understanding some crucial rules get you cranking?

Because if you don’t design the game the way you want it, chances are you are being played.Get back in the game and change the rules to suit you!

In this short sharp...
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May Coach & Connect with Sentha Govin-Vel
 What does getting spit in your face have to do with metaphors?It's a way of life...well at least for Victoria's Coach and Connect May speaker Sentha Govin Vel who has been living life filled with rich stories, metaphors and great humour, all  ingredients to a successful coaching business.

In fact it's been said that a metaphor can create change that will last forever and yet this very powerful tool for transformation is under...
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Sydney Coach & Connect ~ with Johnnie Cass
 Brand YOU !How to run a highly profitable and successful coaching practice!Johnnie is a world-class international trainer. He has travelled the globe training tens of thousands of people to be the best versions of themselves.Johnnie is a skilled NLP Trainer and specialises in High Performance Coaching and Wealth generation. He is committed getting YOU the best possible results and delivering you to success.

During this fun and informative...
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The Dream Team is Expanding
The TCI Team
We are seeking one Multimedia Whiz KidThe Coaching Institute is looking for the missing link in their Dream Factory.Focused on creating, branding and marketing incredible products for our students and community this dynamic, high performance team is searching for someone extraordinary.We are not looking to “fill a seat” - we are looking for the RIGHT person.Achieving the unachievable is a normal day for this team of passionate...
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Coach and Connect Melbourne 19 February 2014
Business By DesignDate: 19 February 2014

If you have decided to make 2014 your year NOW is the time to set up your success in 2014. Design your business to:
  • Smooth out the uncertainty and be truly certain, productive and organised.
  • Position yourself to be a leader in your industry.
  • Get a game plan that gives you, your business partner and staff clarity and direction all year. 
  • ...
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