Paying Clients – 50% of Us Already Have Them

In a recent life coaching training facilitated by Master Coach Joe Pane at The Coaching Institute, we carried out a survey on our coaches and found that over half the room had paying clients, while the industry average is about 10% of coaches. That means 50% of TCI coaches already have paying clients, no matter where they are in their coaching journey.

5 Daily Habits To Live a Happy Life

You know those people who always seem to be happy? They have a great outlook on life and things always go their way somehow! Maybe you're one of those people and perhaps you're already doing these 5 things, maybe you're a life coach and you already know what I'm about to share... but how can we really live a happy life?

Coaching Style – What is Your Style?

There are many different styles of coaching and maybe you are wondering what style you are... If we want to know what style of coach we will be, we need to know how we are energetically with the people in our lives. "What is your style?"