TCI to offer world’s first and only online Certificate IV in Life Coaching

Drumroll please! Here's your chance to gain formal accreditation with the world's first and only online Certificate IV in life coaching. Yes, this is a game changer.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a formal accreditation in life coaching within Australia, we have good news for you.

The Coaching Institute is proud to announce that we will be offering—drumroll, please—the 10879NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching.

We’ll say it again for the people in the back: this is an opportunity to become internationally and nationally recognised with the world’s first and only online Certificate IV in life coaching.

"For the past 16 years, we've always wanted to reach the global community with what we do here at TCI," says The Coaching Institute's head trainer Matt Lavars.

"Right now, coaching and coaching education is needed more than ever across the world—to foster healthy relationships, and to live a life with more meaning—and that is the focus of our education."

"We’re really excited and proud to offer the first ever, fully online, Certificate IV in life coaching in the world, accessible by anyone in the world.”

Completing the 10879NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching with The Coaching Institute will allow people to receive two qualifications.

They will be (1) nationally recognised in Australia under the Australian Qualifications Framework; and (2) obtain the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching with specialist skills in life coaching models.

Course Outline & Outcomes

This 10879NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching is intended to equip students with a range of knowledge and skills to perform an array of functions associated with operating a Life Coaching business.

This includes, but is not limited to, conducting professional life coaching sessions, encouraging client self-growth and development, as well as creating business plans and corresponding legal and contractual requirements.

Upon completion, graduates will have acquired specialist skills in life coaching models, possess a broad range of cognitive, technical and communication skills to select from and apply, and the technical and theoretical knowledge in small business planning and management.

Course Structure

The qualification is made up of 8 units of competency, consisting of 8 core units based on industry requirements.

To ensure that students receive adequate training, the course includes supervised blended learning via live (COVID-19 friendly) training events and online learning (395 hours), as well as unsupervised self-paced independent study (235 hours).

This adds up to a total of 670 hours of supportive, innovative and immersive online learning experience.

Assessments & Resources

Like the majority of educational courses, assessments are structured throughout the student’s learning journey, ensuring competency is achieved at every step of the way.

This includes written questions, projects, practical demonstrations as well as case studies.

The school readily provides students through the required competencies with mentoring for guidance and support.

Entry Requirements

While there are no formal qualification entry requirements, the school recommends that learners have sufficient maturity and life experience gained through roles involving self-management, independent judgement and decision-making, as well as basic level language, literacy and numeracy levels.

Now that we’ve ironed out the details…who’s keen?!

We sure are. Because this certainly is a stamp of approval on the education the school offers, and a reflection of the high standards that we continuously strive for – and achieve.

Our students will be able to equip themselves & their coaching business with certified skills & knowledge, align with the most experienced coaching professionals in the world, and grow their influence in the coaching industry.

This is a chance to be a part of the global movement in elevating the standards of coaching worldwide.

To apply for or enquire about the 10879NAT Certificate IV in Life Coaching, email, or give us a call at 1800 094 927 during office hours (9am – 5:30pm).

And psst! The course isn’t limited to any rigid enrolment and intake schedules. We accept applications all year round, so you can make your decision to start this exciting journey right now.

You heard it here first.

Take action now!

Lysha is a psychology graduate, and an advocate for physical and mental health & wellbeing. As a researcher at The Coaching Institute, she draws upon positive and coaching psychology to push forth the evidence-based movement within the coaching industry. Lysha is an active member of Victoria's powerlifting community, a compulsive snacker and an avid pup lover.

Lysha Lee
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