TCI’s First Ever Foundations of Coaching Success in Auckland!

Last week we brought Foundations of Coaching Success live to AUCKLAND for the first time ever! It was amazing for all our new coaches who are coming along to this epic 2½ training! 

TCI’s First Ever Foundations of Coaching Success in Auckland!!

Every year the Global TCI community is growing. This year alone we’ve had people enrol from every corner of the globe. Germany, Marcius, Vanuatu, Belgium, The USA, The UK, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Somalia, China, Hong Kong and so many more are already represented...

Last week we brought Foundations of Coaching Success live to AUCKLAND for the first time ever!

It was amazing for all our new coaches who are coming along to this epic 2½ training! 

Foundations of Coaching Success Auckland

Our first TCI community in Auckland

Students have set up satellite communities not only all over Australia but also internationally, supporting each other and helping every step of the way.

Our first TCI community in Auckland is now expanding. Over 40 NZ coaches started their journey with Joe Pane in Auckland.

It’s pretty special to see. It’s not often that a school can create such a movement so far from home.

We are passionate about how we teach people to become coaches that’s why we do our best to take the entire TCI experience with all the wow, magic, values and of course the incredible Joe Pane on the road interstate.

Here's some snippets into the first ever Auckland Intake weekend:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this experience

MASSIVE THANK YOU to the first ever International Foundations of Coaching Success Crew!!! 

We had the most amazing time in Auckland rocking out with absolutely incredible students this weekend. With a room full of love and laughter, we just want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you all. Your hunger to learn and grow, passion and determination, care and contribution is outstanding.


We thought we’d honour the tradition and make the ninja dance video a combination of Hula and Hakka 

Here’s what our new coaches loved about the weekend

"This is one of the best training events I have done in my 26 years as a professional in health. The other 2 have also been with The Coaching Institute. Fantastic team. So supportive, knowledgeable, kind and totally present. Loved all the information. It is gold. I feel like my soul has been nourished. Totally love the way Joe presents and mixes humour with knowledge and heart. I really appreciated the individual acknowledgment, it made me feel valued and not just a number. I just loved all of it and all the people that shared this amazingly valuable experience. The training exceeded my expectations. Love you guys you’re just bloody amazing xxxx"
Deb van Dijk

"I still want to learn more, didn't quite know what to expect from course! Just knew if love it! Joe is fricken awesome, so much energy and positive vibes. HE explained the same thing is different ways, so that everyone was on the same page. He was also direct and would refer to people's names which really makes a difference! The team are super amazing! Stay awesome and keep rocking it TCI! I love the amazing positive energy, understanding, desire to help others and oneself, and respect for everyone!"
-  Helen Cuddy

"Right from the start, we were all one. I've shared my passion , desire and where I gave the Ninja crew the info they needed to guide me on what course was good for me. The team was amazing, genuine, heart felt, kind loving people who were there to really share this journey with me. I'm feeling blessed right now. I never experienced anything like this, knowing you guys are here to help me with anything without any judgement except the desire to inspire me even more xx. This training is more than anything I expected. I could write a book about my experience here with the trainer Joe. The belief in me Joe showed and felt is something I have never truly experienced. Again I'm inspired and grateful and feeling very blessed."
- Joanne Hewlett

"Thanks Joe , for the start of my journeyfeel blessed having you as the trainer! I'n now moving forward to achieve my dreams. The team was very helpful building you up as a person, very caring and helpful. I felt a sense of belonging, comfortable and much included. Thank you."
- David Millett

What an amazing 3 days in Auckland we had!

If you’d like to join our New Zealand Community, shoot us an email on and we'll take care of the rest 🙂


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