Hear from our students who have been a crew in past trainings...

Here's how you can truly make a difference as a Ninja

"The Ninja team has helped me lots!"
- Petra 

The Ninjas were amazing. Always kind, considerate and available."
- Natalie 

"Fantastic team. So supportive, knowledgeable, kind and totally present. Loved all the information. It is gold. I feel like my soul has been nourished."
- Deb van Dijk 

"Every single person (trainer) and ninjas made a positive difference to my experience. I loved this whole training!!!! Thank you!!!"
- Tracy Kikuchi 

"The 'Aussie' team & Ninjas were awesome! So friendly & helpful. Keep coming to NZ!"
-  Tracy Ayres 

"The team was very helpful building you up as a person, very caring and helpful. I felt a sense of belonging, comfortable and much included. Thank you."
- David Millett 

 "Awesome team and very giving of their time energy love compassion fun."
- Robyn Millett 

"The team was amazing, genuine, heart felt, kind loving people who were there to really share this journey with me. I'm feeling blessed right now. I never experienced anything like this, knowing you guys are here to help me with anything without any judgement except the desire to inspire me even more xx."
- Joanne Hewlett