Advanced Skills 26-28 July 2017 Event Testimonials


"I loved the content! And the live stream was smooth and clear. Also, Joe's energy during the training is awesome!!" - Kelly Leach


"I love how the training was really fun and filled with information." - Sue Williams 


"I could live stream it being away, and still feel like I'm in a community." - Allen Hunt 


"The training was amazing, covered so much content! I love the tools and the overlay of the information during the training." - Tracy Steinhardt 


"There were so much content during the training! I love Joe's stories, they help me consolidate concepts and the coaching practices were perfect!" - Liz Murray 


"I loved getting into codes. It just made sense and it was transforming." - Linda Lenord 


"I love the content! The 6 core needs and top drivers elicitation as a credible and tangible product to take to market tomorrow." - Janine Bennett


"I loved all the new knowledge and tools that I feel more prepared to obtain my first paying client." - Justine Lawson 


"The content that was delivered during the training was phenomenal." - Nadeem Hafiz 


"During the training I had the opportunity to reconnect and share stories with like-minded people." - Robyn Rudd


"The content that we got from the training was amazing. Love the codes!" - David Hamilton


"The content that was delivered was very practical information and it was delivered with heart." - Kymberly 


"I made new friendships and connected with people during the training!" - Sally Permezel


"I got to reconnect with amazing people. And the training has taken my knowledge and confidence to the next level." - Fiona Damon 


"The trainer Joe Pane is AMAZING!!! Thank you to all the Crew for there Wonderful Work!!!" - Briony Railey 


"I loved Joe's humor during the training!" - Vanessa Doller


"The training was amazing." - Alan Williams 


"This training has propelled me more forward! Got me back on track to my Mission!" - Marjory 


"I loved the content that was delieverd during the training, especially the 5 Types of Beliefs and how our Rules affect our map of the world." - Joseph Williams 


"The depth & width of knowledge application that the trainer Joe Pane has is amazing." - Robert 


"The training got me into setting intentions and taking decisions.. Something I need!" - Puspa Wagle Chaulagain 


"The variety of people in the training from early on in their training journey to more experienced coaches. Provides inspiration and heart to all the journeys." - Cindy Plowman 


"I loved everything about this training! The trainer, the content, the people... Everything!" - Alyson Hawkins 


"I really enjoyed the training and I loved everything :)" - Beau 


"Mini Edisc and in general i depth analysis of the personality and behaviours we do and the ways to fix those to meet our six core needs in a resourceful way." - Harvinder Kaur 


"This training has given me the certainty that decoding brings to my coaching journey. I am now realigned with my mission." - Amanda Harris 


"Through this training, I have had a better understanding of self, the reason we do what we do and so many resources to do what we want to do!" - Carissa Lissington 


"The training has given me so much content and useful tools that I can take off for my own business." - Sue Tiong 


"I loved everything about everything! The simplicity in the structure and application to provide so much more value to clients. Fulfilled intention to have confidence in providing value and results for clients." - Joanna Tan 


"The content from this training is really practical quality!" - Angus Love 


"I loved everything about this training! It was amazing and Joe is a legend! Feel so much more confident about getting out there and serving well (and gaining paid clients!)" - Sasha Dumaresq 


"I absolutely loved everything!!!!!" - Caroline Bolderston 


"I enjoyed all the content that was delivered during the training. Joe's passion was also a big reason why I loved it." - Alex James 


"The certainty I am left with after the training was amazing. The codes are so clear, love the content." - Jade Benioni 


"Everything during the training was amazing, insightful and valuable." - Elizabeth Whelan