Breakthrough To Coaching Success Perth 09-10 June 2018
Event Testimonials

Breakthrough To Coaching Success Perth

"Breakthrough to Coaching Success was an absolutely outstanding event! Matt and the TCI team delivered excellence and so much value has been added to my life from this weekend! I learned a lot about myself and how to move forward with my career, look forward to the next event! Thank you Matt, LOVE IT!!!"

- Julia De Souza


"Breakthrough to Coaching Success Perth event 2018, very professional trainer leading the way, facilitating the group participants in holding a space filled with genuine care, warmth, fun, engagement, listening, and compassion. Thanks to the support Ninja team and Matt Lavars for delivering a professional training."

- Caroline Kroll 


"Well another great weekend was had by me at the Breakthrough to Coaching Success last weekend. Met some new people, the room was full of positive, real, genuine, supportive energy. Once again Matt presented well and shared from his own life they gave me hope and possibilities. Thanks Matt and the Ninjas. ??"

- Stephen O'keefe


"After attending a fabulous 2 day seminar - I decided to further my education in the space of coaching and joined the coaching institute. The weekend was full of information, activities, demonstrations, interviews with current & past students and gave a really good insight and an excellent taster of what we would experience on the road ahead. I got so much personal growth just out of the weekend that I am overly excited (and acceptably nervous) with what lies ahead. I truly believe that attending this seminar will help me change my life forever. If all of that wasn't enough, I met a whole new network of like-minded people. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about taking a journey into the world of coaching to check out this school."

- Donna Jackson-Thomas


"Thank you Matt Lavars and all the Perth team. for your time it’s is greatly appreciated. I have to say this is the first time I feel like I have made genuine connections with myself and others. Seek the journey and walk it ? Rock on!"

- Nicole Kennett