Business Skills Level II 17-18 April 2018 Event Testimonials


"I did the two-day Business Skills II training with Matt last week via live stream. I found it EXCELLENT and so jammed packed full of information, strategies and fun. I enjoyed the hands-on and interactive activities with my buddy, which we did by phone meeting up with someone else in the live stream group. I loved the 'Warm Chocolate' exercises and have been sharing warm chocolate with others in various situations and noticing clear results. Love it!!!

Matt's excellent presentation and facilitation skills kept the training flowing and what would normally feel like a long, drawn out 8-hour-day actually flew by so fast I found myself asking "Oh is THAT it?" at the end of each day. The live stream support team were also excellent and their support meant that I could ask questions as needed and get answers in real time as if I were in the room! They helped live streamers hook up for activities and kept our interactions flowing and our needs supported. They truly ROCK!!!

Before the event I knew, from other events at The Coaching Institute, that I would get inspiring training through the course. However, I got so much more! I now LOVE sales & marketing. I can't believe it!"

- Anne Shaw


"Business Skills Level 2 offered some timely reminders to us as business owners -  starting with separating business decisions and investments from personal decisions.  You need a different decision strategy as well as frameworks like Core, Improve, Innovate.  Building the business to a point where it's systemised and affords a sustainable income has to be the Core.  Thanks again, Matt, fun and to the point!"

- Cindy Wild


"Thanks to Matt Lavars for another great, epic training :)"

- Merlene Hodgson 


"Thanks everyone. Brilliant contributions and rocking out. Thanks to everyone in the room. Thanks to Matt for being EPIC as usual. Thanks so much to the dream team for all of your fabulous assistance. You are all absolute legends! I believe I'm also already booked in to do a Facebook live next week in the Facebook Extraordinaries group on Bussiness Skills II key learnings :-)"

- Debbie Amos


"Thank you everyone for all the comments and the culture of the chat thanks to the Dream Team techs and behind the scenes support too, amazing committed team much love and respect your way. Thanks to Matt for awesome content and delivery and to the TCI family. You Rock!!!"

- Denise Gill 


"Thank you so much guys, for hanging out, sharing your learnings and insights - much appreciated. Thanks to Matt, the Dream Team, Amy and everyone else making this possible. Thank you, thank you!!!"

- Lisa Pope 


"Thank you so much for all your input. Thank you Matt and Dream Team... Loved it!"

- Melissa Christie 


"What an amazing experience doing Business Skills Level II. Massive thank you to Matt Lavars for inspiring me and helping me find the certainty I needed to push my business forward. The live stream was incredible and huge thank you to the team for the support. The whole experience has filled me with so much joy and determination.  I’m so in love with this journey x"

- Joanna Howes 


"Loved Business Skills II with Matt the other day and so much value as always."

- Sonya Maree Kok 


"Thanks Matt Lavars for a great two days of Business Skills II!"

- Liz Murray 


"A good training, such as Business Skills II, leaves your brain so filled with epicness, that bits of brain start to ooze out the sides. We need to keep showing up, until it makes sense. It's why I continue to serve. Crewing is such an epic opportunity to learn, to grow, to serve on a new level, and to learn even more so we can take epicness back to our clients."

- Amy Taylor