Courage To Be You Perth 14-16 July 2017 Event Testimonials


"I loved Joe Pane and his sense of humour! Really enjoyed the Courage To Be You event and the lightness of the session, as well as The Coaching Institute coaching philosophy. Please continue to do more trainings in Perth!"

- Caroline Kroll 


"I loved how much the Courage To Be You event has helped me to be me. And I'm sure everyone else in the room felt the same way too. I love my shift in perspective, on how I view the unfamiliar. I loved that no one was pushing to buy the next training course, but just showed me how amazing and useful it would be to do. Thank you thank you for sharing and making life changing differences in so many peoples lives!"

- Nicky Delaine 


"We were skeptical to go at first but fortunately we went and found this session extremely useful. Joe was so powerful and knowledgeable during the event. It is amazing to just listen to him. He engaged with everyone to be part of the discussion. My biggest take away from the training was real things that we experience everyday in our life yet we share that to see if we could handle this a bit better in the future."

- Cynthia Limargana 


"I loved Courage To Be You! Joe Pane the trainer was great. The training was clear, made sense, and helped me to understand why I stay in my comfort zone and how to move beyond that to expand my comfort zone. Thank you!"

- Liv Pileggi 


"Courage To Be You was amazing! I loved this whole weekend. There were some real gems of information relevant to my current situation giving me a great deal of insight. Thank you!"

- Charmaine 


"The content delivered was appropriate and very helpful. It was presented in a very interesting and enjoyable way. I feel that I was as much part of the training as the other delegates & my comments or questions were acknowledged by the trainer well. I loved learning and meeting like minded people during the event. The positive energy around was phenomenal. I would love for The Coaching Institute to have more seminars in Perth!"

- Tim Slack 


"Courage To Be You certainly was a BIG WOW! Joe Pane was incredible! I loved the energy in the room but mostly Joe Pane's knowledge, enthusiasm, humour and more. I absolutely enjoyed the session!"

- Asa Nilsson 


"The training did 2 things - it ticked the boxes on what I thought and this confirmed it. It showed the reality of what I was and what my pathway is now. Joe Pane was a true leader as his passion overflowed to the audience to be involved and for them to look inside themselves to see what they are and where they would like to be. Truly a moving weekend that touched everyone's hearts. The training was very scheduled and programmable. I think Joe manages the flow of how it rolls out. So versatile yet so readily accepted. It was amazing!"

- Malcolm Spencer 


"The training materials and coaching resources provided were awesome, thank you so much! I found out some things from just listening to Joe Pane about myself that I have been holding me back, I'm so grateful for the session. What I loved most was meeting like minded people and the real life stories that were shared. Also, Joe who just blew us away with his love of what he does it showed in his knowledge of how to address us and his respect for all in the room. My wife and I were very humbled and blessed and so pleased that we came for this is our time so thank you and we look forward to our journey with The Coaching Institute."

- Kerry Iraia 


"Courage To Be You was such an awesome training. The sessions were full of highly valuable information about personal development and more. Thank you Joe Pane and The Coaching Institute! Come to Perth more :-)"

- Scott Neasham 


"The Courage To Be You training was excellent! And I love everything, just EVERYTHING about the training!"

- Ericka Baker 


"Courage To Be You exceeded all of my expectations that I had prior to the training. The training was great. Although I didn't have questions to ask but I do know that I was encouraged to ask if needed to. What I loved most was the Fulfilment Formula that was taught during the training, but absolutely everything else said also resonated with me. Thank you so much Joe Pane!"

- Leeanne Ugle 


"Joe Pane was exceptional at the Courage To Be You event. I received great encouragement and motivation with all the coaching resources that were provided. I discovered new perspective in understanding myself and that was the best take away from the event. I hope The Coaching Institute hold more events and expo's here!"

- Ariana Warr 


"Joe Pane the trainer at the Courage To Be You was great. His knowledge and his way of converting our thoughts and words into powerful message that would last for many years to come. I truly enjoyed the training. Thank you!"

- Wael Ibrahim 


"Joe Pane was absolutely amazing!! I had not heard of him previously but now I am a huge fan. I thought the Courage To Be You was a well thought out event and the content was very valuable. Thank you! P.s I am already booked in to Courage to Coach!! The Coaching Institute should totally run more events in Perth - based on the 200 people that turned up there is obviously a market that needs to be filled."

- Amanda Spagnolo 


"I only booked on the Thursday (a day before the actual event) and I was well taken care of with the training materials! The content delivered was humbling, thought provoking and with good personal insight. I loved it. Joe Pane the trainer was extremely knowledgeable there was no doubting in that aspect. Also I liked the fact it wasn't too over the top motivational rah rah or pressure selling of a product/ training/ career. It was a great introduction to the field of assisting ourselves and others to be mindfully healthy."

- Caron Purchase 


"Where to begin? I loved every aspect and every minute of the Courage To Be You event! To say I enjoyed it would be a massive understatement. That weekend has changed my life for the better and given me something really positive to look forward to. Joe Pane was so engaging and knowledgeable, he also encouraged all of us to ask questions and he provided answers and support."

- Sarah Robinson 


"I enjoyed Courage To Be You. There were an abundance of experiential learning opportunities and I loved the positive energy exuded by Joe Pane the trainer. Meeting other coaches at the event was also a bonus!"

- Barry Anderson 


"The Courage To Be You training was deep, meaningful and helped me to decide to "jump into the pool" as said by Joe Pane. I enjoyed the sessions thoroughly and Joe was so knowledgeable and he created a positive learning experience!"

- Sheraldine Williams 


"One word - WOW for Joe Pane for his knowledge and his skills. All of The Coaching Institute crew that were there were also really amazing. Loved being a part of the event amongst like-minded people and generous participants."

- Mark Gummer 


"I loved the Courage To Be You training. The openness of the trainer, the content delivery was fun, easy to understand. It was great to see that time was given to hear people's stories and questions. One suggestion for the music - can it not be so loud as I found it very difficult to talk to people..."

- Stephen O'Keefe 


"The best thing about Courage To Be You was Joe Pane! He's open, connected, comes across as both competent and real. Joe is such an excellent presenter with a clearly demonstrated depth of experience and expertise in the coaching field. Great presenter with some skills I'm excited to learn from/explore a little more. Joe was very inclusive and makes the effort to connect with individuals even in such a large group."

- Karyn Corby 


"Courage To Be You was great! Gave us both insights into being a client of coaching and what it is like to coach. I got so many gold nuggets to apply into my own life, relationships and work... Thank you so much Joe Pane and The Coaching Institute!"

- Chris Ball 


"The biggest highlight of Courage To Be You was the coach session on Sunday. It resonated so much with me. Joe you are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in Perth. I learnt so much!!! The Coaching Institute you HAVE to visit Perth again with same event!"

- Rose Oliveri