Courage To Coach Melbourne 19-20 May 2018
Event Testimonials

Courage to Coach  

"Fantastic content presented by Matt who is an incredibly entertaining speaker. I am the chronic procrastinator and almost put off attending the Courage to Coach weekend to deal with the usual busyness of life. Thankfully something inside told me not this time..... you are committing! I had been doing John Assaraf's wining the game of money program and his words "Are you Interested or Committed" were haunting me. As tho the universe was intent on me finding my path Matt also referred to John Assaraf's message. My past year of personal growth had lead me here and I know the call within me has been answered! So excited for the future and being a member of this great team :)"

- Colleen 


"The weekend course 'Courage To Coach' was an excellent investment of my time and energy. Our facilitator Matt was 100% engaging and the content relevant to everyone who was there and anyone who could have been there! I would highly recommend to friends, family and colleagues. This was just the start for me and I look forward to continuing developing my skills, both personal and professional, with TCI. Thank you Matt, TCI and everyone who was a part of this extraordinary weekend."

- Sue 


"I had very high expectations of what I could learn at Courage To Coach at TCI last weekend and they were not only met, they were exceeded. Very professionally and skillfully run by Matt Lavars I knew I had finally come to the right place and know my dream of becoming a Life Coach will become a reality now. Another totally and unexpected surprise of the nicest possible kind is the amount of genuine love and enthusiasm that seems to have infected everyone who calls the Institute their own, I still cannot believe it, I feel I have become a part of something beyond value."

- Stevo 


"I attended the Courage to Coach weekend at The Coaching Institute run by Matt Lavars and a fabulous support team. All my boxes where ticked with regard to integrity, attention to detail, and of course was this pathway for me was the biggest question. It was shown to me over two days that yes it most definitely is but I discovered that these guys have this journey so completely covered. I could not have imagined what I needed to ask regarding this journey and it had already been answered. They are far more than the best at what they do because they continue to improve and they include you every step of the way."

- Julia Dyason