Discover Your Inner Coach Hobart
14-15 April 2018
Event Testimonials

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Just wanted to say thank you again for the incredible weekend! It has given me a lot of inspiration for my future and I am very excited to get started. I am planning to do as much as I can in my little life and, as you say, make my stamp for the better on this planet of ours! What you do and what your students do is incredible and I can’t wait to join the institute! Keep an eye out for the name Laura Farnan because I intend to make it known ?

- Laura Farnan


WOW! What a lovely and inspiring weekend. It was great to meet so many like minded people that were all gathered to learn grow and explore a new path or journey for them. I was inspired by Matt's enthusiasm and passion for people to grow and learn new life skills. I always felt supported and engaged through the whole weekend. And I was inspired to invest in learning the coaching program. so the new journey begins. exciting. ??

- Angie


I had an absolutely fabulous time at the Discover Your Inner Coach Seminar. The seminar was delivered with a high degree of professionalism and excellence, which made it an outstanding, memorable and fun experience for me that I will never forget. During the course of the weekend I gained some valuable pearls of wisdom that I could apply to my own personal life to aid me in the areas of overcoming procrastination and overcoming feelings of self doubt. I found that I am someone who is naturally a Visionary person but in order to effectively keep moving towards my goals I needed to implement the characteristics of an Architect which is to make a plan or follow a code and work through things methodically one step at a time. I discovered that I don't need to over think things I just need to follow the step by step recipe of success and then trust in the process. I also learnt about implementing the characteristics of a Dynamo and how important it is to take action on things and keep the momentum of moving forward with a Dynamo mindset in place if I wanted to grow as a person and achieve my goals. The other important discovery that I made was that if I changed my vocabulary when I had a set back and I worded the experience  differently then I could change my perceptions of that experience. By having an attitude of gratitude and positivity I learnt about talking life into the experience. I am confident that this shift in my personality will be something that my future self will be grateful for. I have appreciated the opportunity that I have been given to learn these valuable mindset tools that I have been shown over the weekend. I believe that the The Coaching Institute offers a fantastic Coaching program and I would be more than happy to participate in a Life Coaching session in the future. Thanks again Matt to you and your Team for a Phenomenal weekend.

- Amy Roach


Where to start? Wow I am still pumped and in awe for great things ahead. I know, I like to aim for the stars naturally in life and work towards seeing them up close and personal. How I get there is my journey as a world leader for change being a coach!  I educate myself first, equipping my life with insight through listening to every word and to what people view as significant. My most inspiring light globe moment over the event was the historical story of the greats who advocated change and how this is done using coaching as a career. My whole weekend was empowering with this concept; on a personal level and a professional one. To change something is to stand in adversity with it. The thing that spoke out the most for me that my aims clear - Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Jesus and so many others we can recognise, they were world leaders, standing for a cause defined by a single word to what they stood out in the crowd for justice to people in civilisation. I see this path for me. To obtain change you have to fight opposition that will stand against you. This weekend impacted my total belief for my cause professionally and why I want to keep aiming towards the stars. I am looking forward to when my commitments become recorded and can start my training and a step closer to my reality.

- Donna Moss


The information provided prior to the event was great both in assisting in framing the day and a little of what to expect. The two days itself was great context and left me wanting to know more, subsequently I signed up. The information and content also resonated with me, having just two weeks before the conference made the decision to leave a high paying executive job due to a misalignment with the key things I truly value. The two days helped me understand it was ok to be me and to put myself first to be the best version of myself and intern support others in being their very best. Great engaging facilitation by yourself Matt, and the live coaching example was a great demonstration of what is possible if you invest in yourself which obviously you have done. The other key aspect for me was getting to hear from those that had joined and the great success they were all having both at a personal level and (where they chose to) in their business.

- Tash Maree


I can not thank you enough!  Honestly THANK YOU will all my heart!

- Anna


It was a fantastic weekend spending valuable time with a group of like minded people who have a hunger to learn. Through the teachings  available from The Coaching Institute, I believe your clients are going to be able learn in a new and exciting way.  They will identify ways to better know themselves initially, and through this growth, have the ability to provide answers, support and direction to others around them.  The course resources and literature provided seem first class and the courses provided will establish and provide a very firm foundation for developing future businesses and ideas for their future. The Venue was was a joy to spend time in and the catering was as to be expected by the professionalism of the company supplying it.  The VIP lunch was a brilliant idea, and lucky for you to have this happen on the first day before everyone was more comfortable with each other, to inundate you with too many questions.  Food is always a great way to begin cementing connections with those around you.

- Sherylee Graham


"I really enjoyed your two-day course and went from being suspicious it was just a money-grubbing making scheme to finding out that coaching is a genuine career that does help people to live better, more fulfilling lives. I liked the venue, the organisation of the sessions, and the interactive way of involving the audience. It was great to be given the handouts and brochures. I got a lot from talking to your team in the breaks, others who attended, and with time to look at Sharon's books. I would recommend the event to others without hesitation."

- Jennifer Manison 

"I didn’t have any expectations of the weekend. My husband had asked if I was interested in going and had booked. I was busy , tired and Saturday was the first day of the holidays. I also had attended the staff dinner the night before! So my apologies if I seemed disengaged during the first day – the view was beautiful. I was also not signing up to anything.

Somewhere over the weekend that changed and I don’t know where. I was certainly fascinated by the phobia interaction. I saw the possibility for using coaching to work with disengaged and trauma background students. I heard that language had power and Sue talked about her power pitch that got her the work she wanted. I interacted with other participants who wanted more in their work lives and knew they could do it if they were also able to deliver the right pitch to get funding. I recognised that even though I do a great job at work that I don’t have the ability to ‘sell’ myself and get very demoralised by job applications.

I was looking for something in my work life (though I didn’t know it) that ignited my passion and energised me. I am very excited about the possibilities of coaching and being able to use language powerfully. I am even more excited (and a little nervous) about getting personal coaching from you – I just had to be signed up in the first 10! I also am very focused on doing the Foundation workshop this weekend; I have the time, I am in Sydney, I want to start now. Thank you!!!!!!!!!"

- Robyn Aitken


"I was really impressed. I was referred to the event by someone in Melbourne via facebook, so I no prior knowledge of what to expect. I really thought you did a really good job. Enjoyed the format and the amount of info given by your institution for free was amazing.

Only one thing a few of us chatted about was the lady you helped with the phobia. We were thinking that she would possibly need a follow up after and we were just hoping that would be the case. Of course we do not have as much experience as you but just something that was noted. Thank you again. All the best!"

- Chantelle 


"It will be difficult to communicate in words the impact you have had, will continue to have on my life and in turn the lives of my children Matt!  I have posted several comments about the weekend's discoveries in the group and quest wall etc and felt I wanted to let you know personally in heartfelt genuine truth what you have given me. You availed me so much more than you may ever realise, in saying that I also believe you may well too! Regardless,  I feel it is important for me to let you know what I could see and how much I value and appreciate you Matt!

I would love for you to fully comprehend how much you have changed my life, what it meant for me to see an openness in your face, an empathy in your eyes, it was the key to change in me, it's been such a long time since this very very tired question could rest upon another's eyes and within yours I could quiet for a moment.  I am forever grateful for the gift of serenity and the clarity within your sapphire windows Matt. I hope I have communicated this the way it is intended and sits comfortably within your space 🙂

The weekend was phenomenal in so many ways and I am so pumped with direction, I can not thank you enough!  So so glad you rocked in Hobart! Love hugs warmth and deepest gratitude forever."

- Anna Merrick