EPICFest 11-13 August 2017 Event Testimonials

"EPICFest 2017 was very enjoyable from different levels of being in it and seeing/observing from other perspectives as I have evolved and grown within my own journey. I loved it, it was more than what I expected! I also enjoyed the new learnings, distinctions, and seeing Ilse for the first time. I loved her webinars in the past - to see her was absolute joy. So much good stuff to teach/share etc. Ninjas were awesome too! They played an important part of the whole experience, be it in the room or as livestreamer." - Antonietta Genovese 


"I felt like I truly belong in a community throughout EPICFest 2017. I was craving for even more information, however there wasn't enough time... 2 days of EPICFest is not enough!" - Pia Kurkinen 


"Everyone that presented during EPICFest 2017 was engaging and informative, and great examples of how to present. I loved the fact that it was new material that stretched my thinking even more. It was great to be able to solidify my knowledge in some areas while being introduced to so much new material as well." - Kerrie Wicks 


"I livestreamed and Matt, Joe, Ilse, AJ, Birute and Teash showed their support and thoughtfulness towards live streamers. At times the content were a little advanced and I will grow into it - great explanations provided by the presenters and livestreamers and livestreamer crew. All of the trainers were outstanding and provided a positive learning experience." - Alison Swinbank 


"The live streaming exceeded my expectations and greatly contributed to the learnings with the constant background discussion. I loved the constant interaction with the attendees that contributed to the understanding of the material." - Tahnee Shalak 


"Sincerely, EPICFest 2017 has been AWESOME! I livestreamed this time and how I wish to be there! I absolutely loved the content that was delivered during the training, as well as the support and the encouragement from the trainers and crew. I feel so loved!" - Gisell Munoz 


"EPICFest 2017 was EPIC! I loved that I got to learn about ourselves to help others even more." - Michael Lai 


"The content that was delivered in EPICFest 2017 was absolutely EPIC! The trainers were very knowledgeable and they were totally off the charts!! I loved the connection, the support, the knowledge, the inspiration from the event. It is the best way to spend a weekend apart from being in the room. Thank you." - Sharon Young 


"What I loved about EPICFest 2017 is everything was easily understood, practical, presented in such a fun way. The Coaching Institute is great and they should just keep doing what they are doing! The trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable and the content of the training was so much more than I anticipated!" - Michelle Nixon 


"I absolutely loved the sessions by Matt Lavars and Ilsé Strauss. Matt rocked it on day one and Ilsé was phenomenal in terms of speech and content!" - Lucy Davies 


"EPICFest 2017 was amazing and I really appreciate all the presentations. The trainers were amazing as always, really high quality presenters! What I really loved was the continuing evolution of my own understanding. The ability to have participated without the expense of travelling to Melbourne and still feeling as included." - Leanne Wakeling 


"EPICFest 2017 was excellent! I loved that I was able to be in the room via livestream and have The Coaching Institute team respond and engage with us right throughout the weekend. It was EPIC. I feel so included and so loved! The trainers were all clearly masters of their knowledge." - Grace Sharon 


"I especially loved the lesson on 7 Keys to Emotional Intelligence during EPICFest 2017! Overall the event was awesome!" - Holly Woods 


"I really love the environment that The Coaching Institute created. Very positive and makes people feel really belonged. EPICFest was great!" - Mahesh Mahadevan 


"EPICFest 2017 was so EPIC that there is nothing like it in the world. Thank you so much The Coaching Institute, and all of the trainers and crew!" - Gillian Rogers 


"I absolutely loved all EPICFest 2017! I've learnt so much during the training. All of the trainers were amazing and epic in their teachings." - Leanne Tatchell 


"There was so much love in the room. EPICFest 2017 was so good! The Coaching Institute, keep doing what you're doing! Thank you." - Helen Sloan 


"Everything and all of EPICFest 2017 was absolutely amazing. There were fantastic fun, gigantic growth and lots of learning! Ah hah's and OMG's galore. There was so much love I was WOWed! Thank you The Coaching Institute!! You give so much it's amazing." - Angie Daley 


"I loved everything about EPICFest 2017! There's nothing more I would've wanted it is EPIC!" - Gayle McGowan 


"I enjoyed EPICFest 2017 very much because of the openness and the community of The Coaching Institute coaches is amazing. I think I was provided a lot more than what I had expected from the training." - Preethi Paul 


"EPICFest 2017 was epic! I loved the new learnings that I got out of the training." - David Jon O'Neill 


"The content delivered during the training was very much needed for me to get reconnected. Thank you so much, EPICFest 2017 was great!" - Nicole Bielicki 


"I loved EVERYTHING about EPICFest 2017!!! Keep doing the wonderful job that you guys always do!" - Briony Railey 


"There was a great variety in the content that was delivered during EPICFest 2017. The trainers were very engaging and full engagement from the audience was required. I loved everything about the training!" - Slawka Tymosiewicz 


"What I loved most about EPICFest 2017 is the people. The community of The Coaching Institute coaches, the trainers, the crew, everyone! Keep up the epic/great job!" - David Stringfellow 


"EPICFest 2017 was great! There were lots of information provided during the training and I love it!" - Renato Talarico 


"EPICFest 2017 was epic and I loved everything about this training! I can't think of anything more that The Coaching Institute could've done. Matt Lavars the trainer is the best!!" - Merlene Hodgson 


"The trainers at EPICFest 2017 are absolutely rock stars. They remind me of why I'm doing this. Thank you." - Sandra Carolina Vargas Lopera 


"All of the content was presented with passion and care. I love that I learnt that I need to get rid of a lot of shit in order to be the best version of me! I can't think of anything that The Coaching Institute could've done more." - Sandra Malbourne 


"I loved everything about EPICFest 2017! It was totally epic." - Frederique lebrasse 


"Everything at EPICFest 2017 was EPIC!! And I loved Ilsé's energy & she is fun!" - Vivienne Fan 


"EPICFest 2017 was amazing. The focus on love, I-Amness and coming together as an important part of the TCI community and connecting is what I really enjoyed in the training. I enjoyed the presentations by the trainers a lot more than I thought I would experience." - Wendy Marshall 


"I loved being in the room, there were so much more learning and growing in EPICFest 2017. The trainers, Matt Lavars, Joe Pane, Fiona Ellis and Ilsé Strauss were fantastic!" - Fiona Morgan 


"All the of trainers at EPICFest 2017 fucking rock!! The Coaching Institute, keep doing this shit... so EPIC!" - Claire Markwick 


"The training was epic. I loved it all. The content that was delivered supported us to think deeper and stretch ourselves. And I loved that I got the opportunity to meet other students and the team at The Coaching Institute." - Liz Murray 


"All of the trainers at EPICFest 2017 were amazing and engaging. I learned some extremely valuable material to help myself, my clients and the people close to me." - Ben McIntyre 


"Incredible learning, incredible focus and incredible trainers at EPICFest 2017! The content was bloody brilliant! All of the speakers were amazing as was the focus of the 2 days. Massively exceeded my expectations! I am going home a better, more informed parent. That in itself is pure gold! Thank you, I couldn't be more grateful xx" - Sasha Dumaresq 


"Absolutely loved the community, trainers, delving into family therapy models in particular, great way to spend the weekend at EPICFest 2017!" - An Sneyers 


"Love the message of gratitude for the two days. I now know how to be a better parent and allow kids to feel all their I-Amness." - D'Anne Cowie 


"The trainers at EPICFest 2017 were amazing! There was great content and great presentation during the training." - Fabien Marie 


EPICFest 2017