Foundations of Coaching Success 08-10 June 2018
Event Testimonials

Foundations of Coaching Success June 09-10 2018  

"I knew this weekend would be special however it far exceeded my expectations and the opportunity to be coached by Joe Pane was incredible. I've met an amazing group of people who can support each other in this journey. The outcomes absolutely exceeded my expectations!"

- Arran Macdougall 


"Foundations of Coaching Success Sydney was an amazing training! I couldn't ask for anything more. What I loved most about this training? It's the lovely people and consideration of Joe, Lisa and the Ninja Crew!"

- Yasmin 


"Foundations of Coaching Success gives you the confidence by showing you the minor details of how things can be achieved. Having a guest talk was superb!! The training definitely gave me more confidence to move on."

- Shreela Pradhan 


"Loved it! I have never felt so confident and assured of myself after this weekend which led me to upgrade to Master course. Absolutely loved being with like minded people in the room!"

- Judy Torres 

"Awesome support for everything! The team was awesome, before the training and during the training!"

- Carolina Donoso


"Loved the connection, and the practical exercises integrating the material into us!"

- Sergio Mason 


"The team is courteous and respectful to my needs. Joe's knowledge in the subject matter clearly contributed to a positive learning experience!"

- Matt O’Neill