Foundations of Coaching Success 12-13 May 2018
Event Testimonials

Foundations of Coaching Success May 12-13 2018  

"I amazingly enjoyed Foundations of Coaching Success training! Joe is extremely knowledgeable and the Ninja crew was so supportive that I felt like royalty! My best take home is feeling great and believing more in my self that I can value. The way I can do that is to focus on the client and assist them to get what they want. We respect the clients map of the world and come to coaching and embrace curiosity!"

- Maaraanau (Anau) Tutai  


"Loved the training and I learned so much!!! I'm not sure if I can ask for anything better, I never expect this much support. The community, support, knowledge, organisation and systems at TCI are amazing!"

- Vesna Anackov


"Mind blowing!!!!!!!"

- Joanne 


"I felt that I was in a completely safe environment. I love everything about this training, the interactive nature of the course, the engagement of everyone, and the lightness!"

- Janet Taylor


"I absolutely loved the training; from how it was delivered to actually practicing what we were taught. It was a total roller coaster ride but one where at the end you know that the ride was so very worth it! Thank you TCI!"

- Joanna Fisher


"I loved the way it was planned, illustrative, presented. I love the energy in TCI community - positive vibes and love and just love. Joe is simply amazing!"

- Barinderjeet Kaur


"I came to Foundations of Coaching Success with high expectations given what I had heard. And all of my expectations were met! Joe is a great facilitator and managed the group really well. The Ninja Crew are wonderfully supportive. Absolutely loved it!"

- Christy Roberts


"I came into the training not knowing what to expect - I’ve learnt so much about myself and how to implement the training into my business."

- Gabby McDonald 


"The training was amazing in my opinion. The NINJA Crew and Joe were always there to answer any queries. Breaks were timed well. Spot on 🙂 This training has set me up for my coaching journey so perfectly. I felt supported through the whole 3 days and was challenged to expand my knowledge and grow personally. Joe is an incredible trainer and took the time with each of us to make sure we understood the content. An amazing 3 days. Thank you TCI!"

- Gabrielle Jury 


"Real, authentic trainer and training. Learned so much in just 3 days!!! Recommend it 100000%"

- Cécile Mouchet 


"I loved that it truley pushed me beyond my boundries and helped me see and feel what is totally possible ! I loved that it helped me value myself so that i can wholeheartedly support others."

- Melina Skidmore