How To Run A Successful Workshop 20-23 March 2018
Event Testimonials

How To Run A Successful Workshop  

"What an incredibly practical and valuable training. I went in with full curiosity and commitment to learn new skills and I got that and so much more. The safe space that Matt created for learning was phenomenal. I felt supported and championed every day to stretch myself so I got the absolute most out of every moment. Matt and his crew were also incredibly hands on and worked the room so graciously to ensure we all felt supported. It was inspiring to watch Matt in action and humbling to be in the room with one of the best out there. Thanks once again TCI for another exceptional training."

- Sarah Mellor 


"This training was like no other training I have attended. The room was consistently supportive and encouraging which makes the environment a safe place and means I had the experience of freedom to play and stretch myself gaining even more growth every day. Matt Lavars as a trainer definitely contributed to a very positive learning experience in this training as I was able to relate to his journey and he was able to teach his strategy for modelling other successful trainers in TCI. The four days training was outstanding, enjoyable and stretched me. I loved this training and if this is your thing you simply must get in this room."

- Lyn Carman 


"The content of the training was very useful and interesting and very relevant to me. Matt's knowledge and delivery are great. How To Run A Successful Workshop is really practical and useful training for all coaches wanting to run workshops."

- Jo Evans 


"How To Run A Successful Workshop delivered exceptional values. I absolutely loved the session"

- Deborah Stav 


"HTRSW has been life changing for me, I feel that I've gained the courage, commitment and self trust to move my business forward with conviction. The content was above and beyond what I was expecting. Whilst the content was superior, this was my first training with Matt and he had a way of connecting with ever single soul in the room, which enhanced the experience. Matt Lavars is a phenomenal trainer and rocked the house. Not only did I deliver a 20-min presentation and incorporate Milton language, Satir body language; through Matt's outstanding demo of archetypes, I stretched myself and completed a 20-min presentation in warrior archetype. I would HIGHLY recommend getting in the room for HTRSW. Thank you Matt!"

- Trudy Cotter 


"Matt is a brilliant facilitator! I felt truly supported in learning and applying new skills. Matt is fantastic in pacing the new learnings and stretching us as we needed! I loved this training! I thought it was great because of way the learning was scaffoldded gradually to build in levels of new information, the approach of modelling and using structures and immediately practicing the new skills. This approach meant I was able to learn and implement these new skills easily and with confidence! Thanks so much TCI for providing this amazing training! This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to build their skills or business as a trainer. This training provides amazing modelling, structured frameworks to follow and supported practice opportunities which makes it a wonderful learning experience. I loved it!!"

- Amy Porter 


"This training was amazing in terms of practicing what we have been learning. It’s a wonderful platform for learning and implementing right there. Highly recommend!"

- Heidi 


"I wouldn't change a thing about this training. This is a perfect training and I would definitely recommend it to other coaches."

- David Stringfellow


"Enjoyment is a complete understatement! Matt is epic. How To Run A Successful Workshop really gave me the confidence and the personal power to take massive action in my business specifically in my workshops."

- Nathan Willson