Meta Dynamics™ Foundations 14-15 May 2018
Event Testimonials


"Thank you for the valuable content of the MetaDynamics Foundations training Matt and the TCI Team. My personal love was when we spoke about the filters and the importance of the caregivers of a child needing to be in a healthy mindset because it can affect how the filters are developed in the children. When one parent is not OK, this can impact the child to alter their course of thinking in order to 'help' the parent overcome the stresses that are occurring in the present moment.

I personally relate this to how 'family court proceedings'  are inadvertently abusing our children. There is already Dysfunction occurring within the tribal system, and when one parent decides to start impacting the family unit with law proceedings that, in some circumstances, are not a necessity then the parent beginning the proceedings are the one inadvertently causing abuse to the children through damaging the once normal, healthy parent.

The dysfunction of a split family, going through the court system has been proven to have a lasting impact on the values, beliefs, attitudes, and memories of children, and without the professional care of re-establishing the 3 basic needs of the caregivers, it can be incredibly detrimental to the continuous development of the child.

This training has cemented my beliefs that the court system requires change, not to protect our caregivers, but to protect our children.

Thank you team!"

- Tegan Armour


"The Meta Foundation Training was really epic. Matt did a fabulous job presenting the material in an interesting and entertaining fashion. I learned heaps and stacks and have now a much bigger understanding how to best support my clients. Thank you!"

- Susanna Gerdes


" I can say I had an awesome time.

I love listening to the way Matt train and when he put his little jokes in to break it up a minute.

The Ninja crew are beautiful they serve as all with all their heartfelt warmth. They answer our questions always in a way that's understanding and they listen compassionately.

I always gained so much insight into our needs boundaries and validation how important it is for us to have as coaches and people to be free to be.

The weekend awesome and rocked."

- Kenisha McAnally


"The Two day Meta Foundations, was amazing, riveting, exciting, emotional at times & definitely worthwhile. Thanks so much to everyone involved you all ROCK!"

- Robert Sheldrake


"As always awesome experience, I have learnt so much in just 2 days. I love the way we have the opportunity to apply within the setting, getting to work with other students. Look forward to many more training, getting to understand both human behavior and myself better as I move through the levels of Meta."

- Angela Nicholls


"Blimey! Where do i start? So I have come to the realisation that because perception is projection, I can only see in others what i see in myself. So if I am aware of my own boundaries, needs and emotions I can then serve clients in this way as well.

Essentially I am valuing my personal journey more than ever, to uncover my I-amness. As i can only serve to others, the level to which i have done so to myself.

Also from this weekend I'm even more aware of the 'triggers' in my environment and see them as merely a reflection of my stuff, either consciously or unconsciously.  So basically im now on a trigger hunting rampage.

And on another level, i now see more than ever, whenever we do anything, see anything, we only ever see ourselves. so whenever im afraid to take action eg. facebook live. I now am asking myself the question 'whats that saying about me and my unresolved shit?" I dont really ever have to worry about other peoples opinions, because everything that im 'worried' about is just a reflection of me. Which means im only ever seeing me! which is CRAZY!!!! I feel like im in the matrix and I have just discovered that everyone outside of me is actually just me.... this is super creepy!

And one more thing, I now understand that when I validate someones experience, it simply reflects back to an individual their own reality which allows them to become whole and accept exactly who they are. And if we incorrectly validate or describe someones experience it highlights to them a gap or "their shit" they werent aware of. And then with this consciousness raising comes increased awareness to accept our whole selves, exactly as we are.

My mind has literally exploded in the last day.

Seriously loved the training. Rant over. Thank you Matt!! :)"

- Catherine Jackson


"Matt, thank you for being such an authentic trainer.  Sharing your stories and giving us the skills needed to make a difference.  You are truly a rock star ✨"

- Dorothy Dib


"I have moved a BIG step forward on my personal development journey after two days fabulous training. I can now calmly feel my emotions and accept it’s ok to feel that way. I understand it’s to respect my own boundary for saying ‘no’ to others without giving a long excuses for not to meet others demand. I can learn to express my NEEDs in an appropriate language. Thank you Matt."

- Sophia Tu


"Meta Foundations training was phenomenal for gaining an understanding of the importance of focusing on our internal world for creating lasting transformation. Realising that we all still have our child-like qualities of I am-ness as resources to call upon, expressing these more fully impacts our self esteem, especially when we can recognise to change to expressing these more resourcefully.

We dived deep on how to provide validation, which was such an emotionally raw experience and I have an appreciation of how vitally applicable this will be in all areas of my life with my kids, co-workers and coaching clients.

I loved the analogy that learning to express our needs is like a gift to another person and being specific with our boundaries,changes our energy levels. There was so much more content covered which has really got me enthusiastic to keep learning to be a better version of myself, lean into my feelings and really discover how to have quality relationships with others from my new found levels of awareness.

Thank you for providing such an insightful program which I highly recommend to truly discover how to be vulnerable and authentic human being."

- Leanne Costantino


"I felt like I was the only one in the room and everything Matt said was just for me. It is incredible how much we do not learn as kids and how when you find out about it you are shocked and amazed. I know I am on the right journey with the Coaching Institute because It means I get to upgrade my life and then serve others."

- Amy Marriott


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