Meta Dynamics™ Foundations 30-31 October 2017 Event Testimonials

Meta Dynamics™ Foundations Training group photo

"What an incredible two days, this is such an incredible journey. The Meta Dynamics™ Foundations training was filled with so much key learnings. It really is pricesless." - Jill Rogers 


"Forever grateful to all the people at The Coaching Institute. Such a supportive caring environment in which to learn, gain insights and grow yourself. Inspired to change my world, and serve others to help them change theirs. I'm loving this journey!" - Irene Ackland 


"Wasn't sure what would be covered in the Meta Dynamics™ Foundations training. But what happened in the training was amazing. I have a Psychology degree and years of experience as a counselor and yet I learnt so much about the human mind and how it works over these two days. This is the kind of stuff that I was looking for in my Psychology degree. Can't recommend The Coaching Institute highly enough." - Jenny Williams 


"What a wonderful experience in the past 2 days. Unbelievable learnings unpacked with Meta Dynamics™ Foundations. I can’t speak highly enough about it. Thank you The Coaching Institute for everything you provide and the worlds you let us rock!!" - Heidi Soliman 


"An amazing 2 days of learning the foundations of Meta Dynamics™ with an incredible group of like minded people, including the truly dynamic Matt Lavars. Looking forward to going to the next level!" - Wendy Marshall 


"Absolutely loved unpacking the basics of what Meta Dynamics™ is about during the training. I look forward to going even deeper in the future." - Paul Rogers