Meta Dynamics™ Level III 14-18 August 2017 Event Testimonials

Meta Dynamics™ Level III training group photo


"Meta Dynamics™ Level III was epic! The support, level of knowledge, the standards and the entire environment and process from start to finish. This was a life-changing event! The Coaching Institute went above and beyond with the pre-learning materials and support!" - Nicky Miklos-Woodley 


"The pre-learning materials was most amazing world class & comprehensive. Prior to the training I had no idea how much growth I would experience to prepare me for my business plans ahead. I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how much I learnt in 5 days. All questions asked during training were answered comprehensively and implementation of what was being asked. This made things very clear to all in the training room. I loved the spirit of the group, the energy for success & the practical side of putting into practice all that we learnt!" - Katherine Robertson 


"This training on facilitation is at such a high level, it is so inspiring and encouraging and supportive. Having never given a presentation of any kind before, I now have the achievement of graduating from this high level course on facilitation, and the encouragement and support of my fellow students, to continue on and fulfil my dreams of running seminars and workshops to help people 🙂 Not to forget the pre-learning materials were excellent!" - Tanya Williams 


"I absolutely loved everything about Meta Dynamics™ Level III. There are no words that can describe it.. seriously. When you are being trained by the best in the world, the level of excellence is outstanding. The training was beyond any expectation I could have had. Sharon delivers to a level that reflects her massive heart, awesome knowledge and is a true reflection of what love means. The pre-learning materials were exceptional. The support, mentorship and guidance was beyond any expectation I may have had. Special acknowledgement to our Facebook leader in Teash Ology. You are one awesome human being. Thank you xxx" - Jane Cann 


"There is no better training than Meta Dynamics™ Level III. It felt like I was entering the Matrix. The Coaching Institute Headquarters feels like home to me. The team's EPIC commitment contributed to the ultimate success of all participants! Keep it going, TCI!" - Belinda Shaw 


"The Meta Dynamics™ Level III training was EPIC. So much gratitude with how much the team at The Coaching Institute and Sharon had been put in the effort. Loved the amazing vulnerability demo, with the serving heart. The true connection with people!" - Ting Cao 


"The support, mentoring, model of excellence, content, skill and more than that the love was phenomenal. There's such a direct supportive environment full of love. Sharon had exceptional skill, love & connection to share with all of us. Phenomenal content and facilitation. I had extraordinary support, mentoring & feedback to help me grow. Get more coaches to do the training. We must!" - Leigh-Anne Sharland 


"I LOVED the Meta Dynamics™ Level III training! Everyone brought vulnerability and courage to the training. I need more... Need a Meta Dynamics™ Level IV!" - Kelly Petering 


"This is the most loving training I've ever had. There was love, care and compassion from everyone - the participants, the crew, the mentors and the facilitators. The Coaching Institute has delivered incredible standards in this training. Sharon's skills and knowledge were out-of-this-world excellence!" - Christiane Anderson 


"Meta Dynamics™ Level III was beyond expectation, such a world class training. As a consultant & facilitator this training has paved the way to another dimension. Thank you sincerely Sharon Pearson, trainers and The Coaching Institute team. The encouragement, support and continuous mentoring is phenomenal. The trainers are not just trainers - their collaboration, connection and passion shines through. So powerful. Loved the growth, learnings, passion and generosity... WOW there's not one word to describe it. The world is waiting for us to go forth and lead the way." - Alexandra Egan 


"Meta Dynamics™ Level III was beyond PHENOMENAL... I'm so grateful. Feedback, help and love was constant!" - Bron Stedall 


"What I absolutely loved about this training is how challenging it was and there was incredible championing of one another. I had incredible support from the trainers and the team, the learning materials were of brilliant quality. The training has most definitely surpassed my expectations!" - Ellenor Cox 


"I loved the learning AND GROWTH I've had in my professional and personal life from the Meta Dynamics™ Level III training. The Coaching Institute trainings give so much value, keep doing it!" - Ramon Herrera