Meta Dynamics™ Level II 01-05 May 2018
Event Testimonials


"Everything was fantastic. I loved the depth of knowledge and practical applications to move my coaching to another level as well as my business."

- Kathy Wyber 


"Meta Dynamics™ Level II was life changing, it was the most phenomenal training I have been to thus far. The depth of information was mind blowing and it has elevated my thinking to a whole new level. I loved every moment and would encourage everyone to step into the room and embrace the change. Thank you Sharon and all the team at TCI xx"

- Dawn Favaloro 


"There're so many things I loved about this training - Values Elicitation, pitch example, business strategy, purpose statement, modelling, TOTE, META Dynamics Profiling Tool. There was so much value given. Absolutely loved this training. Thank you again."

- Deborah Stav  


"Meta Dynamics™ Level II was next level for stepping up my coaching and business vision. It was challenging, confronting and inspiring. Sharon and Matt are awesome facilitators that brought a wealth of experience, wisdom, energy and playfulness to the training. So much learning and fun!"

- Erin Beaman 


"Meta Dynamics II training was truly the next level. The brain explosions and growth in my thinking during this training was absolutely phenomenal. Much gratitude ❤"

- Fiona Jeanne Morgan 


"Wow, wow, wow this was such an epic training, challenged me, stretched me, extended my thinking and so much more thank you Sharon and all the team this totally rocked!"

- Rick Storrier


"World Class training! Sharon was epic and I am so grateful to be in a room of her calibre! My personal growth throughout the Meta experience is beyond any expectation."

- Allen 


"Meta Dynamics II is another level of EXTRAORDINARY! What an EPIC training!"

- Zarnia Wilson


"You must upgrade to Pro-coach!! You’re missing out!! What an amazing Week for my partner and myself. Meta Dynamics Level 2 training complete. Very powerful stuff! Loved it!! Our “Life Coaching” Journey and Coaching business has just gone to an even MORE deeper level❤ Thank you SP, Matt and Team"

- Georgia 


"Outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, wonderful Meta II, this is such an amazing training to be in the room for. Bringing so much together, going deep, and the seeing frames. Being witness to such mastery is magical, Sharon Pearson thank you "

- Lyn 


"Fantastic day at Meta II yesterday. Thanks for the insights Sharon. I was completely unaware I'd stopped gracefully accepting compliments. After much work at that many years ago it seems I've forgotten to keep it up. Thanks for the reminder. It's really got me thinking about where I'm currently at and what else needs a little tweeking. Thanks for reigniting the exploration. #Ilovemeta"

- Karyn


"I am so grateful for my epic week in Meta 2. Today’s focus on values and how to elicit values from our clients has taken my coaching to a whole new level. I was gifted with my new values that will form my path to greatness and with my outcome in mind I now know how I will achieve my business success. To hear Sharon’s personal journey to her business success and what I need to do to model this was just icing on today’s sugar free cake. Thank you Sharon, thank you Ninja’s and thank you to all the wonderful coaches in the room for providing the most valuable learning experience of my life ?"

- Paulina