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Event Testimonials

Truth About Coaching


"By far the most profound life-changing broadcast. Words can't express my gratitude to The Coaching Insitute. This is now "the first day of the rest of my life" as it was meant to be!!!!""

- Felice


"How do you review something that has changed your life? A change you knew was needed, yet you had no idea where to begin or what it would take. Along the way you discovered more about yourself, found a new career path and started to change the lives of those around you. Now everyday you can't wait to wake, to keep creating the life you felt was possible but had no idea how to create it."

- Cindy


"Hearing these peoples stories, and seeing the trust model, gives me so much more motivation, inspiration & energy to take positive action. I have been a fencesitter, full of fear. Not sure whether coaching is my thing, but working with people is something I enjoy & want to follow that path."

- Kim


"TCI, Sharon Pearson you are amazing. THANK YOU!"

- Bec


"Amazing information, thank you Sharon"

- Helen


"This model is really the spine of the coaching and real life journey. Thank you so much for sharing SP."

- Suzanna


"So blessed to be apart of this community. Who have helped guide me, be there, support and champion me. I have met so many amazing people. And everyone truly cares. It's my favorite place to be, immersed in TCI."

- Felicity


"I am grateful for TCI and the team for believing in me when i had doubts and they showed me my strength was within. Sharon's story of her successes and challenges has shown me that you don't need to be perfect to become someone inspirational and that teaches me that I can be all I can be with hard work while having fun, excitement and enjoyment all the way in this incredible journey and I will be forever grateful of this wonderful experience."

- Dawn


"Meeting the coaches is awesome-real people making real differences!"

- Ange


" I'm loving this content guys. I can't wait to learn more so I can help people within the workplace."

- Jo


"Love that you care so much for the community Sharon, unlike many other schools out there."

- Petra


"What a sensational session - everyone has definitely been examples of giving and playing 100%. I'm really looking forward to being a TCI 'family' member. Very grateful and thankful. Well done!"

- Maria


"Thank you SP and all the TCI crew. Very grateful you are now in my life. Thanks for coming on my journey to helping others."

- Tina


"Amazing generosity shown by TCI, I'm humbled and inspired. Even if I don't get a place it sounds like the right people will be in the room. The world needs great coaching."

- Virginia


"The difference is... YOU GUYS CARE"

- Breanda


"Thank you for such a wonderful few hours Sharon and to all the people who shared their stories. Thank you thank you thank you x"

- Kim


"Thank you to all the coaches, you are amazing and I am so grateful that I could be part of this broadcast x"

- Karen


"Thank you so much for these hours of information and sharing all these amazing and inspiring stories."

- Sandra


"Thank you SP and all the TCI crew. Very grateful you are now in my life. Thanks for coming on my journey to helping others."

- Tina


"Thank you Sharon all the teams behind the scene, also all the people who shared so openly. "

- Auror


" I love how many students are here to support the day. What a great community!"

- Sally