Ultimate You Ultimate Coach 28 April 2018 Event Testimonials

Ultimate You Ultimate Coach

"Thank you for showing us how much Ultimate You Inner Circle has changed your life and your clients! I am totally up for the deep dive, to dive in and discover our inner gifts together, to find our inner treasure and share it with the world! Thank you so much guys. Such a fantastic broadcast! It has brought so much possibility and rawness in for me today! I'm ready to get started!"

- Nadeen


"I'm prepared to serve my clients confidently and inspire them to ignite their Iam-Ness . This is a wonderful way of spending Saturday. Thank you!"

- Theivanayaki 


"Thanks for a great 4.5 hours Matt. Motivational and hugely informative. Love being part of this community. I'm totally down for the deep dive! Life changing work that has to be released into the world!"

- Neil


"Thank you so much Matt. This just felt so right. Healing and Love."

- Elizabeth 


"I was booked to run a workshop today but it was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. The organiser was so apologetic and I was just 'It's perfectly OK - really' and so here I am making great decisions for myself my future self and my future clients. Thank you again and again. For me, it means I will be out of the shadows, no longer hiding, but rather shining the light for others to follow through my example of doing the work, applying the lessons and sharing the message with others. It means I will be the best version of me, authentically me, and so much more able to serve others on their own deep dive. I asked myself 'Can I afford to do this right now?' I answered myself with 'Can I really afford NOT to? Hell no!' This is so important and I am looking forward to diving deep into sharing this message with the world. It will form the basis of my coaching and my workshops. I will tap into the coaching and mentoring in the Inner Circle to support that mission. I am so looking forward to learning how to help our clients grow towards and reclaim their Ultimate Self. This is a life-long journey and much gratitude to Sharon, Matt and all at TCI for helping us to make it possible to do our inner work, to apply it and to share and teach it with our clients and the rest of the world."

- Nerida


"Thank you so much today has been such a mind opening experience and the perfect WHY to start my TCI journey."

- Melina Skidmore


"As I step out on this journey, I don't know what to expect but I do know that I will feel and experience so many good things that I would never had known otherwise. And to help others to do the same, that I would never have been able to help otherwise. Thank you Matt and TCI for giving us this event today. Wonderful interviews with beautiful people, so educational and so inspiring. The time to take action certainly is NOW!"

- Rodney 


"No word can describe how grateful I am to this community and what you're bringing to me on my journey!"

- Hannah


"I almost missed this presentation today due to other commitments. Stoked that I chose this. I'm now totally inspired and excited about my future. Thank you to Matt and to all those amazing interviewees for sharing and giving back to us. I'm so grateful to you all. Can't wait to share my own story and give back. :)"

- Sue


"Thanks TCI for putting this together! Awesome to be part of this and the Ultimate You Inner Vircle! Always so much support from Matt and the team. Thank you to you all!"

- Tracy


"A phenomenal learning for me today! This experience completely changed a lot of my thinking. So awesome to be here and thank you TCI for all the amazing support. Looking forward to all the valuable mentoring in Ultimate You Inner Circle!"

- Michelle


"Thank you to Matt and all of the team who have participated within this today. Great interviews with wonderful insights and sharings. So grateful to have spent the day here."

- Helen


"It is so exciting to know that I can be there for someone else with the best tools that do work. Having the experience with doing it myself is so gold!"

- Robyn


"Thank you Matt, TCI and all involved today!! I loved every moment! Thank you WOW and DREAM teams...you go above and beyond helping us. amazing!"

- Lorna


"Looking forward to more mentoring and support from ultimate you inner circle! So pumped!"

- Brian


"Thanks everyone involved in today's presentation it has really cemented my commitment in this program and to apply it further in my coaching sessions as well as discovering more of me. I have claimed my journey and so grateful for the changes happening on the inside which is being reflected externally."

- Leanne C


"Thanks everyone who facilitated, were interviewed, operated in the background and watched and commented. Love how much everyone participates here in TCI community."

- Erin J


"Thank you Matt and Everyone who participated in today. Gaining so much insight into the lesson I needed to learn from the turmoil of my experience yesterday, so grateful I have the awareness I do. An awesome way to spend a Saturday."

- Kerrie


"Thank you Matt for facilitating today, it has been a privilege. Thank you to all the interviewees and the team being the scene. Gratitude abounds. TCI is a ground breaker!"

- Lynn Matthews


"Thank you Matt for today training. You've opened my eyes wider. I'll see you soon in Melbourne."

- Jolanta DK


"Loving being here in the Beautiful TCI Community, thank so much for all the success stories, you guys are so inspiring!"

- Cassandra Lee


"So relate to the learning that giving significance is even better than receiving significance to have our significance bucket filled. Setting the intention of becoming the person who is capable and expert in delivering our message to the world."

- Leanne W


"This is exactly why I am a coach. Time to live my core every day and gift that gift to every one else. Just joined the Ultimate You Inner Circle group for life... I'm going deeper than I have ever have before and give this gift to every one that needs this..."

- Adrian


"Love the inspiration from their shares to get on with putting myself out there, I am enough :-)"

- Nicole Thackray


"I am loving seeing the people you are interviewing glowing and growing. I am so happy to see them achieving and having a go and succeeding."

- Michele R


"The best thing i'm getting is the certainty that I CAN make a difference!"

- Graeme


"I have felt how powerful this is for me and can't wait to bring more of this to my coaching."

- Lisa


"To know how to get away from enmeshment from your tribe is enlightening!"

- Julie Kimber


"How go is this for a Saturday - fantastic training & learning and some soul enriching time with the community - feeling blessed!"

- PK Savy


"I want to share what I've learnt with others to make their lives better as mine has become."

- Michelle C


"I am loving this, the people pleasing is such a symptom of fear that I've been facing forever."

- Yen


"I'm loving it, we have to learn this to know how to get it out there!"

- Anau


"Mind-blowing! Simple concepts but so much work involved to embrace my I am-Ness."

- Jaime


"I love this more than I explain here in a few words!"

- Kim Harris


"It's my time now - I signed a couple weeks ago spontaneously, can't believe how much growth and loving I've received already."

- Christy W