Foundation of Coaching Success – Live in Melbourne

As promised, WE ARE BACK! Together, we kept going and continued our coaching journey in the virtual world. We are sure you already know by now that our beloved Joe Pane is running our first face-to-face training after over a year. We are so pumped and excited to connect with you live in Melbourne at The Coaching Institute headquarters!!

Everyone who has already attended the virtual training all through 2020 and until April of 2021, is invited to re-attend the training, face to face and virtually because we believe the more the merrier.

If you're serious about becoming a successful coach then this is your first step. Scroll below for more details about the training and what is different this time around!


Foundations of Coaching Success is the very first, 3-day live training that you do at The Coaching Institute. Over the course of the weekend, life coach and human behavior expert, Joe Pane will share with you powerful coaching tools, proven coaching models, and the positive impact coaching will have on your life.

Day 1: We will discover the 5 success principles
This day would be about thinking, and the thinking the most successful coaches bring. For example, successful coaches know that what they focus on is what they get, to the exclusion of everything else - this means that if your client focuses on worry, fears and self-doubts, they will get more of the same.

Day 2: A Solid introduction to How to Coach
We introduce you to the 3 most fundamental steps to an effective coaching session - How to build rapport with the client, how to listen to what is said and not said, learn and unpack the DARE Model for coaching

Day 3: Investigate the most successful models on How to Attract Clients.
The foundations for getting you started as a coach include the intro into Meta Dynamics™ and the exact steps to help you establish the fundamental pillars of success in your coaching practice.


"Coaching is a skill that can be learned and used to keep evolving and growing as an individual. It can help other people also evolve in their own journey as human beings and it rocks! I learned very powerful tools I can use in life for myself, and in service of humanity!”

Margaret Sanchez 

“Joe had the incredible ability to read the room, explain models and keep us all engaged and interested. I loved the thoroughness, knowledge and ability to cover all areas – the business side, coaching, and continued personal development – as well as the kindness and supportiveness of all the staff.”

-   Claire Bradshaw 

“It feels like home with so much love and warmth, the level of care and the feeling that you will be valued and supported… You will walk out a much better version of yourself.”

-   Janette Dillon 

“The energy, the amazing flow of support, encouragements from the day I stepped in – actually, from my first call. It makes you feel important, unique, and supported to ride the wave to achieve your dream come true!”

-   Sonia Tsoumeas 

“If you are discovering coaching and hearing about the community, get amongst it. You will continue to grow and learn about yourself as well as coaching. You want to rub shoulders with the right people and receive the right support, so be at The Coaching Institute.”

-   Chris Moody 

“The training is second to none. You won’t regret it. Coaching is an amazing journey and TCI is a leader in the industry. The material and trainings are first class. Do it – you won’t regret it.”

-   Barry McElhinney 


One of the most-loved and most-masterful life coach and human behavior experts, Joe Pane is the Coaches' Coach and Senior Trainer at The Coaching Institute. Over the past 11 years, Joe has trained over 7,000 coaches globally. A model of excellence, dedication and passion.
Joe is a Master Trainer in Extended DISC – an internationally accredited behavioural profiling tool. He is one of only 10 master trainers in Australia and degree-qualified in Psychology. Joe will be sharing with you powerful coaching tools, proven coaching models and the impact of coaching at this training.

Joe Pane
Joe PaneEmotional Fitness Builder, The Coaching Institute