Foundations of Coaching Success Melbourne: February 2020

“I felt the realness of the energy! I loved how much I learned over the weekend, as well as the groundedness of The Coaching Institute; how approachable everyone is; and the vibe. There is so much love and support to guide you, and you will connect with other beautiful souls. Foundations of Coaching Success will help you understand yourself and relationships, and it’s an expansive learning.”
- Cara Biffin

Foundations of Coaching Success is the very first, 3-day live training that you do at The Coaching Institute. Over the course of the weekend, life coach and human behaviour expert, Joe Pane will share with you powerful coaching tools, proven coaching models and the positive impact coaching will have on your life.

A massive congratulations, and an even bigger "Thank you!", goes out to all the coaches who decided to make 2020 their best year yet and started their journey with us! I trust Foundations of Coaching Success last weekend was an awesome experience for you!

Here are some of the testimonies from our students:

“I loved watch the coaching demonstrations live. Joe was excellent! I’ve learned about focusing on the ‘being’ before moving to the ‘doing’. The Coaching Institute’s supportive culture allows everyone to be vulnerable, and that’s what I love most. Everyone should come to Foundations of Coaching Success ASAP! Do it and prepare for change.”

-   Ben O’Kane

“If your soul is telling you, let it lead and drive you. You won’t look back.”

-   Rebecca Inzitari

“Foundations of Coaching Success was practical, grounded, and oriented around students reflections and questions. Nice pace, but highly focused. There was a good vibe of taking responsibility to look after each other and go for gold. Check it out to see if it resonates with you, it’s a great investment!”

-   Bradley Warner

“It was a phenomenal 3 days because: loads of questions were allowed to be asked; Joe Pane was patient, kind and super knowledgeable; information was easy to understand; and there was yummy food! The Coaching Institute had open doors and smiles all around!”

-   Maysaa Fahour

“It not only made me laugh and cry; it showed me how to start my journey and that the sky is the limit. The energy is amazing . The building is very well located and the interior design is AMAZING. I’ve made the right choice.”

-   Barb Taylor

“You’re all stars, with huge hearts and knowledge. Joe Pane, you’re a genius! Your guidance was honest and caring. I loved Founder of The Coaching Institute, Sharon Pearson calling in and sharing her wisdom and exuberance. The training was interactive, informative, useful and fun. I also loved all the people, from the crew to fellow learners. The panel interviews were wonderful – great to hear their stories.”

-    Anne Sturgess

“The exercises, the honesty, the way everything was delivered and organised. The lessons I learned about myself. The huge support. The environment. The staff, and the love shown by everyone working these events… Get involved, allow yourself to be open and have an amazing experience. It will definitely help you to grow as a human.”

-   Christine Malm

“I loved everything: Joe Pane; the content; the people; the atmosphere. The room is epic, the staff are so warm, welcoming and friendly. The facilitators are amazing. It’s absolutely life-changing!!! I will remember these 3 days for the rest of my life.”

-   Santi Sceresini

“The energy, the amazing flow of support, encouragements from the day I stepped in – actually, from my first call. It makes you feel important, unique, and supported to ride the wave to achieve your dream come true!”

-   Sonia Tsoumeas

“If you are discovering coaching and hearing about the community, get amongst it. You will continue to grow and learn about yourself as well as coaching. You want to rub shoulders with the right people and receive the right support, so be at The Coaching Institute.”

-   Chris Moody

“The training is second to none. You won’t regret it. Coaching is an amazing journey and TCI is a leader in the industry. The material and trainings are first class. Do it – you won’t regret it.”

-   Barry McElhinney

Coaching is a skill that can be learned and used to keep evolving and growing as an individual. It can help other people also evolve in their own journey as human beings and it rocks! I learned very powerful tools I can use in life for myself, and in service of humanity!”

-   Margaret Sanchez

“Joe had the incredible ability to read the room, explain models and keep us all engaged and interested. I loved the thoroughness, knowledge and ability to cover all areas – the business side, coaching and continued personal development – as well as the kindness and supportiveness of all the staff.”

-   Claire Bradshaw

The Coaching Institute is a genuine place where you’re allowed to be who you are. Growth and change takes time, the institute takes care of you on that journey. Such a positive, welcoming environment... On all levels.”

-   Susane Smith

“It feels like home with so much love and warmth, the level of care and the feeling that you will be valued and supported… You will walk out a much better version of yourself.”

-   Janette Dillon

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